Navigational click vanishes - Office starts dinging!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Rojo Habe, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Rojo Habe

    Rojo Habe Guest

    OK, this is driving me mental and I can't work it out. Hopefully someone
    out there has come across it before.

    Every so often, and for no apparent reason, my Start Navigation sound will
    go away. This is the click sound you get whenever you click on something in
    an Explorer window or web page. It's easy enough to fix on the face of it -
    open the Sounds control panel, find the Start Navigation entry, which will
    be showing a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, meaning it can't find
    the file. Click Browse, select "Windows Navigation Start.wav" and all done.
    Easy (doesn't really explain why windows couldn't find it though).


    From that point on, every time I bring up an Open or Save As dialog in
    Office 2000, everything I click on produces a Ding! This is the standard
    Windows Ding.wav, listed in Sounds as Default Beep. If I then disable
    sounds altogether , or assign no sound to Default Beep, the problem remains,
    except the PC internal speaker beeps at me instead of the Ding sounding.
    The only solution I've found at this point is System Restore, which may or
    may not lose me my Start Navigation sound again, depending on when the
    Restore Point was made.

    Until recently this was only occurring on one of my two user accounts. When
    I finally couldn't find a Restore Point that got rid of the Ding AND
    preserved the click I deleted the account and recreated it from scratch.

    This was OK for about two weeks.

    Now it's happening on both accounts and I've lost all my restore points
    before yesterday afternoon. What's more System Restore fails to restore to
    this point.

    Here are the options as I see them:

    Upgrade to Office 2007. Not really an option at the moment as Excel 2000 is
    the only version the works with a particular spreadsheet I need for work. I
    do, however, already have Outlook 2007 as Outlook 2000 doesn't work properly
    with Vista. I mention this just in case it may be relevant, although I
    doubt it.

    Live with the Ding. Can't. It's doing my head in.

    Mute all sounds, or turn my amp and speakers off. Yeah, OK, seriously

    Live without the click. Do-able, but not really a fix.

    Delete both user accounts and wait for it to happen again. Drastic,
    probably easier to just reinstall Windows, and no guarantee it won't happen
    again unless I find the cause.

    Trash Vista and reinstall XP. Again, drastic, but seriously crossing my
    mind at the moment. I'd try an in-place upgrade of Vista (AKA repair
    install) if I thought it'd help but I can't keep doing this every time if
    it's not going to be a permanent fix, and I'm worried it'll cause problems
    with some of my older apps, as it did when I first installed it.

    Find out from someone with more knowledge than me what's causing it and/or
    how to fix both problems. Which brings me here. Hi, everybody!

    I'm pretty sure we're looking at registry corruption but am really unsure
    how to find what's causing it. Are there any decent open source apps out
    there that can track changes to the registry? This might help narrow down
    the cause. More than that though, what's causing Office to beep at me? If
    I could sort that one out I'd at least have a way of putting things right
    when it happens.

    I've not yet ruled out some sort of weird hardware or driver problem, and
    can install an Audigy card in place of the onboard Realtek HD Audio, but
    that seems a bit unlikely to me at the moment and can wait until the 12
    month warranty expires.

    I'm sure I haven't yet provided nearly enough information about my system
    but just wanted to start by explaining the problem. Anything you need to
    know, I'll do my best to answer. Ask away!
    Rojo Habe, Apr 12, 2008
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  2. First, you need to be sure your sound driver is OK. Start, search input,

    Look at your sound devices, Use the action menu to 'uninstall' all of them,
    and then action menu, 'scan for hardware changes' to reinstall them all.
    This will probably fix it.
    If no help, you should try an SFC fix, shown here.
    Some Windows Vista functions may not work, or Windows Vista may stop
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    Mark L. Ferguson
    Mark L. Ferguson, Apr 12, 2008
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  3. Rojo Habe

    Rojo Habe Guest

    As I feared, no luck I'm afraid. I've gone a step further and installed the
    latest driver from the Realtek website (after first removing the old one)
    and it's made no difference.
    This came back with "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity

    This is a bit of a surprise, as I really expected to find something wrong,
    even if it had no bearing on my problem.
    Rojo Habe, Apr 12, 2008
  4. Rojo Habe

    Rojo Habe Guest

    Not sure how this works on the web interface - if I post again does it bump

    This problem is not going away and it's driving me scatty! I've found
    nothing in the knowledgebase, although I rarely have much luck with search

    It's not just Office 2000 file dialogs that are dinging, I've discovered. I
    have an application on my flash drive called CruzerSync (synchronises
    between my flash drive and PC) and that dings at me whenever I click on a
    file or folder too!

    It seems that anything that doesn't use standard Vista dialogs or interfaces
    is in danger of dinging at me.

    I'm getting closer and closer to reinstalling Windows (in-place upgrade on
    top of the existing Vista installation) but if I can't find the cause I
    think I'll be wasting my time as the problem will just come back again. I'm
    also scared I'll have to go through all the heartache of getting my older
    apps to work properly again, just as I did when I first installed Vista.
    Rojo Habe, Apr 25, 2008
  5. Rojo Habe

    TxDot Guest

    I have the same issue. I have a Dell XPS One. What is your hardware? O
    my other Vista boxes I have never had this issue. It is really drivin
    me crazy
    TxDot, May 9, 2008
  6. Rojo Habe

    Rojo Habe Guest

    Core 2 Duo 6700, Foxconn 965X7AA motherboard, 2GB RAM, two Samsung 300GB
    hard drives, only one currently in use, GeForce 8800GTS graphics card,

    I'm assuming Dell have been unable to help you?
    Rojo Habe, May 13, 2008
  7. Rojo Habe

    Rojo Habe Guest


    Thank you so much. You don't know how much that's been driving m
    round the bend.

    What's more, now I know which entry to amend if I do decide to assign
    sound of my choice
    Rojo Habe, May 17, 2008
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