NDISUIO - Switch between Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure mode

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Marc-Aurèle Brothier, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I try to switch between Ad-hoc and infrastructure mode since one week on
    my iPAQ 5550 with the NDISUIO queries but it does not want to work. I
    can only set the SSID.
    I disable the Zero Configuration service, but it doesn't help.

    To set the network mode, here is my code:

    HRESULT WLANCtrlApp::SetNetworkMode(int *pnNetworkMode, PTCHAR
    UCHAR SetBuffer[sizeof(NDIS_OID) +

    if(!pnNetworkMode || !ptcDeviceName) {
    m_hRes = E_POINTER;
    else {
    pSetOid = (PNDISUIO_SET_OID)&SetBuffer[0];
    pSetOid->ptcDeviceName = ptcDeviceName;
    pSetOid->Oid = OID_802_11_INFRASTRUCTURE_MODE;

    memcpy(&pSetOid->Data[0], pnNetworkMode,

    &m_dwBytesReturned,NULL)) {
    m_hRes = E_FAIL;
    m_dwError = GetLastError();
    m_hRes = NOERROR;

    return m_hRes;

    (*pnNetworkMode = 0 for Ad-Hoc and 1 for infrastructure mode)

    I got the error 87: The parameter is incorrect, and I don't get why
    since NDIS_802_11_NETWORK_INFRASTRUCTURE is an enumeration.

    Did someone manage to switch modes with NDISUIO calls??

    Marc-Aurèle Brothier, Aug 18, 2003
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  2. Just an error in the code... really sorry!
    Marc-Aurèle Brothier, Aug 18, 2003
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