Need a Script or a free tool to analyse my log files

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Manjunath Badiger, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I have some multiple log files which I would like to give as an input to the script or tool and I need to get some specific strings out of text file and give me output in CSV or excel format

    For Example I have log file which is in .txt

    Total bytes transferred : 1388363986 (1.293 GiB)
    Total bytes duplicate host1 : 5856550 (5.585 MiB)
    Total bytes duplicate host2 : 0 (0.000 KiB)
    Total bytes skipped : 5222 (5.100 KiB)
    Total bytes error : 58210 (56.846 KiB)
    Message rate : 0.6 messages/s
    Average bandwidth rate : 199.0 KiB/s
    Reconnections to host1 : 0
    Reconnections to host2 : 0
    Memory consumption : 0.1 MiB
    Biggest message : 30417010 bytes
    Initial difference host2 - host1 : -5737 messages, -1719262759 bytes (-1.601 GiB)
    Final difference host2 - host1 : 4278 messages, 1116767817 bytes (1.040 GiB)
    Detected 7 errors

    in the above log file it has detected 7 errors. So the script has to find the failure word or the detected errors in the text file and it has give me output in the excel or csv file mentioning the email address in the log file.

    Any Help or answer is highly appreciated:)
    Manjunath Badiger, Oct 23, 2013
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