Need help on DFS implimentation.

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Imran Admin, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Imran Admin

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    I am planning to impliment DFS and need some help.

    1. I have 3 File server almost identical space on both 4 TB windows
    server 2003 Ent Edi. the data on these server is about 1-2 TB each server
    A. most of the copy "from" location files and folders are located on
    1st server - 1 TB of data grow slowly has free space 1.5 TB
    B. most of the copy "to" location files and folders are located on
    2nd serrver - 1.5 TB of data grow rapidly and as gets old archived has free
    space 3 TB
    C. most of the general files which has some DBs and old files,
    folders which still utilize to copy "from" and "to" to those other two
    server. - 4-700GB grow slowly has free space of 4 TB

    2. I recently upgraded PDC and SDC to 2008 standadrd server.both are HP
    DL 380 G5 latest server with quade core chip nice server.

    3. If i do domain root based DFS for file server with replication to 2nd
    server for fault tolarance how much load will it drive to domain controllers
    since it will be highly utilized file server is it gonna go through the
    domain to locate the shares and files etc.. i will only have 4-5
    links to network shares but these shares contains hundreds of thousands of
    files and folders is it going to affect domain and network performance ?

    4. What happens if 1st file server fails is this domain root based DFS
    will help drive the traffic to 2nd file server ?

    5. how do I setup the replication over night and weekdays only Please
    advice !

    6. the scenario that i am talking up here will help improve the
    performance of the file folder access ?.

    7. I also have symantec continuous protection server in place for all
    these server. and also monthly full backup and weekyl diff backup takes
    place for these data.

    8. through DFS will i be able to fault tolarant server A and B with C ?

    Please guide the best option for me.

    Thank you
    Imran Admin, Dec 23, 2008
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