Need Help with Software distribution service 2.0

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by kwik, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. kwik

    kwik Guest

    System specs: HP Pavilion 761c / P4 1.9Ghz / 512mb / 120gb HD Win XP home SP2
    complete list here: [url[/u

    I was reading through some of the older messages about Software distribution
    services 2.0 in this forum other forums around the net and see that others
    have had troubles with this file as well but didn't see if anyone figured it
    out. I'm guessing that Software distribution services 2.0 was part of an MS
    update? I don't use auto updates and only install critical updates from MS so
    it must've been in the critical update list but I don't recall seeing it.
    Now for some reason I'm having issues browsing certain websites (as others
    I've read about did) and my ISP speed while browsing has dropped about half
    if not more depending on the site since SDS 2.0 was installed. I've ran
    speed tests at and my speeds seem a lot slower than the norm
    when testing throughput up and down stream. But it really slows down while
    browsing the web with IE. I Tried to use system restore to go back before
    it's install but it fails. (System restore is actually where I found out that
    this SDS 2.0 had been installed.)

    I also checked with my ISP to see if they have been having any issues over
    the last four or five days but nothing has been reported.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. -kwik
    kwik, Jul 18, 2005
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