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Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by GravesRC, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. GravesRC

    GravesRC Guest

    I have just installed Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (25 CALS) into
    my network of 15 computers. The new server has completely replaced (hardware
    and all) an old NT server. I basically changed out the old server, name the
    new server the same as the old one and copied the files I needed to the new
    server and turned it on. The only program I really needed from the old server
    was a DOS based POS program. I made a FAT 32 partition for that program and
    remapped as required for the client workstations. I’ve installed Terminal
    Server and File Server so far. I know I need to set up the Licensing Terminal
    Server but before I do that I need to resolve a couple of issues.

    1. I can not “see†all workstations in my network nor the network printer
    from the server. However I can see all the network resources from client
    workstations and I can use or access all previous resources including the POS
    program on the server. Why can’t I “see†everything from the server? Probably
    has something to do with Active Directory right?
    2. I believe some of this might be due to how the network is set up. I’m
    using the old workgroup structure and now believe I should be setup a single
    domain to handle the network (sorry if I’m not using the appropriate
    terminology). Anyway how do I go about making the change?
    3. After the above is resolved then I will setup the Licensing Terminal
    Server on the server but I don’t want to do anything until I get everything
    resolved. I’ve got about 60 days left before I’m forced to setup the
    licensing but I don’t want to wait until the last mnute.

    It’s obvious I’m a neophyte here so I won’t be offended by any basic
    information you need to tell me or be sure I’m aware of. I just want to get
    this completed as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your comments.

    GravesRC, Mar 16, 2005
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  2. GravesRC

    GravesRC Guest

    Haven't received a resonse. Did I post this question to the correct group?
    Need a little assistance here, please.
    GravesRC, Mar 17, 2005
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