Net Stock tips are out and they say invest in Netscape and others

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by NetFodder, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. NetFodder

    NetFodder Guest

    I just looked up on several stock tip places and they are all saying to
    invest big into Netscape and other browsers. They are referencing the lack of
    customization in ie7 as a major influence in both the large coporation market
    and the home use markets moving away from IE. People are no longer able to
    use many of the other tools out there because ie7 pulled all the
    functionality out and big businesses are no longer able to manager all of the
    features because they aren't there. Combined with all of the standard bugs
    and issues that happen when you put out a new peice of software, users are
    just getting too frustrated. One of the guys even called ie7 the equivelent
    of a virus saying they do the same thing, either deleting or corrupt
    functionality and because it's placed as a required security update and
    corrupts unexpecting users. If it had been just the one I probably wouldn't
    have laughed as hard when I saw 4 different places all saying the same stuff.
    NetFodder, Nov 12, 2006
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  2. NetFodder

    jonah Guest

    You got some links NF?

    jonah, Nov 12, 2006
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  3. NetFodder

    JRosenfeld Guest

    Another typical piece from you spreading misinformation from your fellow
    IE 7 is not being 'pushed as a required security update'. It is being pushed
    as a recommended update, will not install automatically with automatic
    updates, without user agreeing to it.
    Quote from IE team blog:
    IE7 and Automatic Updates
    As we announced earlier, IE7 is now being distributed via automatic
    updates.That said, no matter what setting a user has for automatic updates,
    IE7 will not be installed without the user making an explicit choice to
    install IE7. Users will be given a notification screen that has choices to
    install, get a reminder to install later or to skip the install. IE7 will
    not be installed unless the user gives consent to have IE updated and users
    do not need to make changes to their automatic update settings.
    JRosenfeld, Nov 13, 2006
  4. NetFodder

    jonah Guest

    Now hang on a minute, it is being pushed as a "High Priority" update.
    Experienced users and Pros know know very well that any radical or
    even mundane MS Updates can cause serious problems and take
    precautions before trying them. In this case nomal users get presented
    with this IE7 update, see "high priority", and install it because they
    think its crucial so they click through the warnings and disclaimers.

    They hardly ever read stuff like "turn off AV" and a "Backup" =
    System Restore - so they end up in deep crap and post here with major
    and minor problems.

    All the above is correct but expecting the average user to know whats
    going and foisting a half finished browser that can break lots of
    stuff on inexperienced - non geek customers is IMHO very bad news.

    IE7 IMHO should not have been issued in its current state as a High
    Priority update via Windows updates, that was wrong and a lot of
    people in here agree strongly with this POV.


    jonah, Nov 13, 2006
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