Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Meier Rudolf, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Meier Rudolf

    Meier Rudolf Guest


    It's a standard, that DFS uses NETBIOS for all names. But I had the problem,
    that I've got two domains, seperated by a router and it's not possible to
    resolve NETBIOS-names from one side on the other side. So I changed the
    dfs-roots to FQDN (KB 244380). Now it's possible to access the dfs root also
    accross this router... but only the root. I didn't change the other links up
    to now, since they contain a lot of data (about 250 GB) and they are
    replicated. So if I remove all links and then create new links, it would
    restart the replication and that's what I don't want. How can I change the
    names of those links or delete them and create them again without restarting
    the whole replication?

    Meier Rudolf, Jun 23, 2004
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