Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by P.R., Mar 2, 2004.

  1. P.R.

    P.R. Guest

    Hi all,
    i am trying to run Netmeeting on my SBS2003(Premium
    Edition) client which has windows xp professional
    installed on it.
    1>i activated the netmeeting...
    2>opened the specific list of ports to be opened(thru my
    ISA server packet filtering) for the netmeeting stuff...
    which i came to know from this article...
    "Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 158623"
    3>Now when i try to connect to it gives me this error...
    "There was a problem connecting to the directory
    server.You may not be connected to the network, or the
    server may be busy.To change your server,in Netmeeting,
    click Options in the Tools menu and select General Tab."
    4>Basically the client i suppose should contact the SBS
    server ( which is also the directory server i guess)so it
    is not able to make that connection only ....
    anyone with any ideas on this.....
    5>is there any more configuration changes that has to be
    done on the server side....
    6>I have allowed anonymous access over the Website service
    that is running in IIS manager..
    7>P.S. am trying to connect to another PC which is not on
    SBS network and is running windows 2000 professional.
    P.R., Mar 2, 2004
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