Network is OK, internet is not

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Rouke, May 30, 2010.

  1. Rouke

    Rouke Guest


    I just installed an old XP machine in an existing and working network with a
    mix of XP and Vista PCs. From the newly installed XP machine I can access
    the files on the other computers, but when trying to log onto the internet,
    I get the message that the connection was interrupted. I think I've checked
    everything, but must be overlooking something. Does anyone have any
    suggestions how to fix this?

    Rouke, May 30, 2010
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  2. Hi
    In order to help in such matter you have to post what the nature of your
    Internet connection is and how the connection (Mode, Router) is configured.
    Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).
    Jack [MVP-Networking], May 30, 2010
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  3. Rouke

    Rouke Guest

    Thanks Jack,

    The newly installed PC (and other XP-PC and Vista-laptop) connect to a
    router (by cable), which in turn connects to the broadband modem (also by
    cable). The other computers can access the internet correctly. This message
    is proof that ;-)
    Rouke, May 31, 2010
  4. Rouke

    kylnmhanks Guest

    Rouke wrote on 05/30/2010 15:22 ET
    I suggest you that you should installed LAN first and check the interne
    connection and proxy should be properly used or not. This type of littl
    mistakes makes large problems
    kylnmhanks, Aug 7, 2012
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