Networking between host and virtual machines

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by Eloi [entfe001], Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I want to configure a Windows 98 virtual computer to make and old program to
    work. This program needs access to the host printer and I would like to be
    able to make data backups to the host computer.

    From now on I had a dual boot configuration with Windows 98 and Windows XP,
    but now I want to reformat the whole hard disk and I would prefer using
    Virtual PC.

    First of all, the program is compiled in 16-bit Visual Basic 4 and crashes
    on Windows XP even in compatibility mode. There's no newer versions but I
    still need to use it (yes, I know I should blame the program manufacturer,
    and I do it every month).

    Following the help included with Virtual PC 2004 SP1, I installed the
    loopback adapter on the host computer and configured the virtual machine to
    use it as the only network driver available.

    The host is configured to use the local IP and Windows 98 to
    use, both computers with subnet mask and without
    any DNS server (this could be the problem?). Also both computers have the
    same workgroup name (ENTFE) but different computer names (GIRONA for the
    host, the city where I live; and FOLLETO19 for the virtualized machine, the
    name of the infamous program).

    At this point I can see FOLLETO19 from the host computer's network, but
    Windows 98 is only able to see himself. So I can access FOLLETO19's resources
    from the host but I'm unable to get anything from GIRONA on the virtual
    computer. I even tried to disable the host firewall (Sunbelt Kerio) with the
    computer disconnected from the Internet, but with no success.

    When Windows 98 asks me for network identification, I used usernames and
    passwords from users on the host and even used the admin credentials, but
    again Windows 98 can't see GIRONA on his workgroup.

    What I am doing wrong? What I miss?

    Thank you for reading the whole post.
    Eloi [entfe001], Jun 27, 2007
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  2. Eloi [entfe001]

    icpms Guest

    I'd like to know the solution as well. I'm running 98 under XP Pro due to a
    legacy program. I can access shares but not network printers. A solution
    would be greatly appreciated.
    icpms, Jul 27, 2007
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