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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by amatie, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. amatie

    amatie Guest

    I just built a new system with Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and am running Norton
    Internet Security.
    I have 2 computers running Win Xp Pro that are networked, neither can see
    the Vista machine, and the vista machine cannot see the xp machines. I can
    ping all machines from any machine, so I should have Firewall configured
    properly. I have identical user names on all 3 systems, and have shared
    folders/files. I frankly am at a loss and would welcome any suggestions/
    amatie, Aug 28, 2007
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  2. amatie

    Shri Guest

    Here are some things to check (if you haven't done so already):

    1. Make sure the XP computers have the same workgroup name as the Vista.
    The default name that Vista gives is WORKGROUP. Give the same name to your
    workgroups on the XP computers (I am told that XP has a different default

    2. On the Vista, in the Network and Sharing Center, make sure Network
    Discovery is ON, File and and Printer Sharing is ON, Public Folder Sharing is
    ON, Password Potected File Sharing is OFF.

    3. On the Vista machine, try turning off Norton Internet Security and
    turning on Windows Firewall with its recommended settings. This apparently
    has a bearing on Network Discovery.
    Shri, Aug 28, 2007
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  3. amatie

    amatie Guest

    tried that even tried with no firewall on and had nothing, willing to try
    another suggestion here.
    amatie, Aug 28, 2007
  4. amatie

    amatie Guest

    UPDATE --
    I can see both XP machines as Media Players.
    amatie, Aug 28, 2007
  5. amatie

    Shri Guest

    Here are some other suggestions:

    1. Vista machine: Set Network Location to Private
    2. Vista Machine: Enable Windows Firewall exception for Network Discovery
    3. Reset Vista machine network adapter

    Sorry don't know much about XP. The above and previous suggestions (and
    others)are things I have tried with no luck getting my Win 98SE machine and
    Vista machine to "see" each other. Like you, I too am able to do two-way IP
    address pings successfully.
    Shri, Aug 28, 2007
  6. amatie

    amatie Guest

    I already did 1&2, just tried 3 still nothing. wow this is frustrating, I am
    so glad that at least for now i can use my flash drive to transfer data, but
    it's not the fastest way to do it.
    amatie, Aug 28, 2007
  7. amatie

    amatie Guest

    Partial Success
    I can type "\\comp name" and access all my shared files, but it still won't
    show up in my "network".
    amatie, Aug 28, 2007
  8. amatie

    Shri Guest

    Alogn the lines of what you described, here's something else I did based on
    a suggestion in one of the Microsoft Knowledge Base docs titled "Manually
    Populating Network Neighborhood with Static Entries for Browsing" (Article ID

    On my Win 98 machine, I did Start-Find-Computers and typed in my Vista
    computer name. It did find the computer (no surprise here considering the
    successful pings). I then right-clicked the name of the found computer and
    created a short-cut in the Network Neighborhood (not sure what the XP
    equivalent is). The Vista computer consistently shows up every time I boot
    up now, and I can expand it and see the Public and Users folders. However, I
    still can't open them (the Win 98 machine locks up).

    Also, the Vista computer still does not "see" the Win 98 machine.

    The search goes on,,,,,
    Shri, Aug 29, 2007
  9. amatie

    amatie Guest

    thanks, I'll do that, I can now see all my comp's with any comp byt typing in
    the name. If I still had a system with 98 on it, I'd try to help you out --
    Sorry not willing to re-install 98SE
    amatie, Aug 29, 2007
  10. amatie

    sunfish Guest

    My 98se and Vista network one way from the Vista side when connected with a
    simple hub. No one has been able to network both ways. I think I have been
    lucky as the 98se machine was setup with an XP network disk. My XP machine
    networks with both 98se and Vista independent of workgroup names or setup of
    any kind on the XP. The only difference I can see is the hub (and the XP
    setup) as suggested by the Ron discussion.Win98+Vista--possible or not?
    sunfish, Aug 31, 2007
  11. amatie

    Chuck [MVP] Guest

    If you're looking for visibility between Windows XP and Vista, and all personal
    firewalls are properly setup, then do some diagnostic work. Look at logs from
    "browstat status", "ipconfig /all", "net config server", and "net config
    workstation", from each computer. Read this article, and linked articles, and
    follow instructions precisely (download browstat!):

    Chuck, MS-MVP 2005-2007 [Windows - Networking]
    Paranoia is not a problem, when it's a normal response from experience.
    My email is AT DOT
    actual address pchuck mvps org.
    Chuck [MVP], Aug 31, 2007
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