New 2nd Hard Disk -visible in Disk Management - but NOT in Explorer/Computer

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by LD, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. LD

    LD Guest


    I installed a secondary HDD in my wife's Vista Premium PC. It 'installed"
    and drivers installed and Vista "says" your new HDD is ready to use.

    However, in Computer/Explorer there is NO 2nd HDD and I couldnt "use it"....

    I took it down to local computer shop. They investigated and told me that
    the motherboard would only recognise 2 IDE devices (the first HDD and the
    DVD Burner). They suggested that they replace the DVD Burner with an ATAPI
    device (?) which I did OK and that then the 2nd IDE HDD would be

    Now I DID rush them, and I didnt actually see it working, but paying for it,
    I left the shop and came home with the PC.

    Of course, the 2nd HDD is STILL not visible/usable in any way.

    When I right click on My Computer and go "Manage" and go thru to Disk
    Management, the 2nd HDD IS VISIBLE. I thought I may have to Format it. BUT
    clicking on this brings up an error message that Disk Management has failed
    and to restart your computer. I do, no help......

    ....and EVERY tiem I DO restart the computer the SYSTEM has changed screen
    comes up 2 times:

    1st.time ....Found a new HDD (the original, first HDD) hit F1 to accept
    2nd time... Found new HDD (NEW 250GB one) and LiteOn DVD Burner hit F1 to
    accept changes

    then correctly thru to normal Vista boot/login...

    This is EVERY TIME I start PC....

    Any thoughts/advice would be greatly GREATLY welcomed.

    LD, Jan 28, 2008
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  2. LD

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi Rod,

    You'll need to format it before you can use it, but before you do that you
    first have to create a volume on it. Until you do, it will not appear in
    Windows Explorer. To create a volume, right click the drive in Disk Manager,
    you will see the option there.

    By the way, you can have two IDE devices per cable, and two IDE connections
    on the motherboard, or a total of 4 devices. Additional drives, whether
    optical or hard drive, would require an add-on controller card or sata
    Rick Rogers, Jan 28, 2008
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  3. LD

    LD Guest

    Hi Rick

    thx for quick response, appreciate it. But when I right click on the new HDD
    in Disk Managmennt the drop-down menu gives me the option to either:

    Change Drive letter
    Format or

    seems to me the volume is already created on it....?? Would I be right,
    there? It is, however, sort of "greyed out" with black lines running at
    45degees all over the "disc". It shows correctly as a 250gb disc, and it's
    status is Online

    It's bloody old XP boxes would take a new drive straight
    away...!! ;-)) I love Vista, but it DOES seem 'tempermental" at times....

    LD, Jan 28, 2008
  4. LD

    LD Guest

    I deleted the volume, reformatted and went for a new volume...let's see...

    LD, Jan 28, 2008
  5. LD

    LD Guest

    Nup, continually tells me that Disk Managemnt has had an unexpected error,
    refresh Disk Management Console and to restart Disk Management...I do all
    this but to no avail...wont mount a new volume....

    LD, Jan 28, 2008
  6. LD

    Tom Ferguson Guest

    Please let us know the maker and model number of the mother board.

    MSMVP 1998-2007
    Tom Ferguson, Jan 28, 2008
  7. LD

    DanR Guest

    Check the jumpers on the drives. Make sure new drive is jumpered as "slave".
    Original drive may have a jumper position marked "master with slave". Use
    that. Don't use "cable select". "cable select"... in theory, should work but
    for troubleshooting use the master / slave jumper positions. And just to be
    anal make sure the original drive is connected to the "end" of the ribbon
    cable and the new drive is not. Like Rick said you should be able to use 4
    IDE drives. Two per ribbon cable. Leave the DVD/CD drive on its own cable
    and use a single cable for your 2 hard drives.
    In your bios... make sure the new drive is set up properly. Make sure it is
    enabled. (turned on) Make sure you "exit and SAVE" as you leave bios.
    DanR, Jan 28, 2008
  8. Yes it must be partitioned and formatted before Explorer can 'see' it but I
    have no idea why Drive Management is failing.

    Are the jumpers set correctly at the rear of the drive?
    Cari \(MS-MVP\), Jan 29, 2008
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