new bootloader/grub

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Bob, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Anyone install Linux and can grub handle the new bootloader?
    Bob, Jun 29, 2006
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  2. Bob

    jonah Guest

    Good question, I will put SuSE 10.1 in tomorrow and report back.
    What odds you giving for a trouble free installation?


    I will post the result tomorrow OK

    jonah, Jun 29, 2006
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  3. They wouldn't touch it in L.V.

    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 29, 2006
  4. Bob

    jonah Guest

    Bloody wimps

    jonah, Jun 30, 2006
  5. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Troublefree installation, hmmm... Seeing it took about 20 hours to figure
    out the AGP driver/monitor/nvidia war that kept me from Aero I'm not quite
    sure. I wouldn't bet but will probably jump in head first anyway myself
    tomorrow night.
    Bob, Jun 30, 2006
  6. Bob

    jonah Guest

    We must compare notes about 3 Am Bob, I am taking my Vallium now so it
    kicks in for the attempted install process.


    jonah, Jun 30, 2006
  7. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Well that was rather painless. Installed Kubuntu, had to take a partition
    out of the physical drive Vista is on for the filesystem. Vista is on a 40GB
    part at the end of the drive, 4th partition. Probably lost it's assignment.
    Booted with install DVD and ran System Recovery Options, it detected the
    problem in the startup environment, rebooted, had to select the Recovered
    option, booted fine, to the control panel to make that default and all is
    well. Grub detects the new bootloader and no changes needed to be made to
    it's config file.
    Bob, Jun 30, 2006
  8. Bob

    jonah Guest


    SuSE 10.1 went in fine, lost Vista, Vallium long worn off so resorted
    to the MSFT method of problem solving by chucking chairs around my
    workshop in a huge temper tantrum. Doesn't seem to be very effective
    for much except scaring the shit out of the dog who was minding her
    own business and kipping under one of the benches. She likes the
    whirring of the fans and drives for some reason.

    "Boot with install DVD and run system recovery option?"

    Now I would have thought of that myself if I had taken more tablets.

    bugger it I am going to bed I will do it tomorrow.

    Cheers Bob

    jonah, Jul 1, 2006
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