New Certificate Template Missing

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by Ben, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Ben

    Ben Guest


    I'm trying to issue a new certificate template. I have used the 'Certificate
    templates' mmc to make a duplicate of the 'workstation authentication'
    certificate made a few changes, and given domain admins read, enroll, and
    auto enroll rights. However when I open the 'Certificate Authority' mmc, and
    right click 'Certificate Templates' > 'New' > 'Certificate Template to
    Issue' my new certificate is missing from the list of available templates.
    How do I get the new template to show up on the list?


    Ben, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. Ben

    Ben Guest

    Ah no, it's Win2k3 standard edition. Didn't realise you needed Enterprise
    Edition, I've been reading a Microsoft document on setting up wireless with
    PEAP, and it said to duplicate a template, but it didn't mention anything
    about enterprise edition.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Ben, Feb 1, 2006
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  3. In
    I had the same problem. I posted in the newsgroup about a
    month ago and Paul Adare responded with:
    Search for my thread in the group for more valuable info:
    "Autoenroll template not showing up," 12/29/2005.

    Ace Fekay [MVP], Feb 13, 2006
  4. Ben

    Ben Guest

    I had the same problem. I posted in the newsgroup about a
    Cheers Ace, I'll take a look!
    Ben, Feb 13, 2006
  5. In
    Ace Fekay [MVP], Feb 14, 2006
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