New Community Column: Making Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Your Ow

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by vendor [MS], Jun 29, 2006.

  1. vendor [MS]

    vendor [MS] Guest

    New Community Column: Making Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Your Own: The Basics

    Master the basic features of Internet Explorer 7 with columnist Mark Walker:
    set a home page, accumulate favorites, and subscribe to RSS feeds.

    Ask questions or post comments about the article here.

    Suzy Gillett
    Site Manager, Vendor [MS]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    vendor [MS], Jun 29, 2006
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  2. vendor [MS]

    PA Bear Guest

    Mark is a retired Navy Commander, a veteran IT journalist, author, and award
    winning game designer. His articles on gaming, broadband, internetism, and
    computer hardware have appeared everywhere from to Playboy.

    What, pray tell, is "internetism", please?

    "Internetisms is the improper use of the English Language. This is mainly
    used on IM Programs, Chatrooms, and so on."
    PA Bear, Jun 29, 2006
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  3. vendor [MS]

    Duane Guest

    Does Mr. Walker have a different version of IE7 than I downloaded
    (7.0.5700.6)? I am unable to find a way to make a favorite page available
    for viewing offline. There is a checkbox for doing so in neither the "Add a
    favorite" dialog nor the Favorite properties dialog.
    Duane, Sep 13, 2006
  4. vendor [MS]

    mrmstatton Guest

    I have just installed IE7 and tried to make google my homepage, but it keeps
    reverting back to dell myway homepage. I have tried several times to to
    remove it from the homepage icon but it won't delete. What can I do?
    mrmstatton, Oct 29, 2006
  5. vendor [MS]

    hip Guest

    I'm sorry, but it appears your navy commander has decided himself what the
    customers need, in true military officer fashion. Was he in a hurry to be
    promoted to captain and had to made a quick modification, then sell it as an

    Internet Explorer favorites organization has NOT been made easier. In fact,
    the one option that was removed from a few versions back is the ability to
    highlight multiple favorites for reorganization and to drag and drop from
    favorites window to favorites window. The "click on, drag it up or down for
    the length of the favorites list to a folder, drop it, click another, drag
    it, ad nauseum" shows a true lack of not innovation, but ability to use a
    computer. It is a true waste of time and efficient software utilization. I
    would rather be able to open the favorites folder in a new window, highlight
    what I want, then drop it where it's needed.

    Please tell the commander that "being in charge" means knowing what's
    needed, not what he wants to pass off as useful. And, change for the sake of
    the "troops" is sometimes better than simply having authority to do as you
    please for your ego.
    hip, Nov 4, 2006
  6. vendor [MS]

    ailour Guest

    Oh brother. Most of the touted "features" were there in IE 6 anyway... and
    worked better. The blank page as home page for instance. In IE 6 it was no
    problem. It made opening a new browser window streamlined and lots quicker
    than having to wait for all those annoying gizmos and doodads to load. Now,
    in IE 7, a blank page takes *forever* to start... what's with that? It's
    freakin' blank! Why does it take IE 7 five times as long to open a blank
    browser page as IE 6 did? And what, exactly, does it think it's "connecting"
    to? Blank should mean blank, and it should open fast. IE 6 could deliver
    this, IE 7 it seems cannot.
    ailour, Nov 16, 2006
  7. vendor [MS]

    Henri Guest

    I will join Duane and ask again: which version of IE7 does Mark use..?
    I do not have these two features: Make available offline and Less options -
    when I wish to add a new site to my favorite folder.

    Henri, Nov 24, 2006
  8. vendor [MS]

    Don Varnau Guest

    The article at was
    published on June 29, 2006 and probably written weeks earlier. IE7 would
    have been at about Beta 2 stage. I don't recall that Offline Favorites was
    available in any of the betas, but it's definitely not available in IE7

    Hope this helps,
    [MS MVP- IE]

    Don Varnau, Nov 25, 2006
  9. vendor [MS]

    Tony Guest

    I have version 7.0.5730.11IC , and have no favorites offline.
    Tony, Dec 5, 2006
  10. vendor [MS]

    LVick Guest

    LVick, Dec 5, 2006
  11. vendor [MS]

    LVick Guest

    Hi, I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 and set the Homepage under Tools;
    Internet Options but Explorer opens to the following:
    I triple checked the home page and it is set. Any suggestions?
    thank you!
    LVick, Dec 5, 2006
  12. vendor [MS]

    iTsmurfer Guest

    I find it very "interesting !??" that the section on explaining adding a page
    to favorites did not go past the point of actually selecting where in the
    favorites list you can add a favorite. I think this is because once you do
    so, you expose what is in my opinion the single biggest flaw in IE7 - and the
    cause of my now having uninstalled it. This is when you add a favorite and
    you select the "Create in" drop down list, the thing 'opens each and every
    folder in the tree! It seems as if the MS developers of IE7 don't have many
    favorites, but my favorites tree consists of hundreds of folders (my
    Webmaster folder alone has over 100 folders and many 100's of favorites - my
    'business' folder has a similar structure. So when adding a favorite - it
    takes "ages" to locate the folder where i want to add to. Exciting and
    streamlined?? - i hardly think so
    iTsmurfer, Dec 8, 2006
  13. vendor [MS]

    Not Me Guest

    It's as streamlined as a Mack truck with a load of hay on it.
    I think the design team should be fired.
    I have the gasoline and matches, where are they?
    Not Me, Dec 8, 2006
  14. vendor [MS]

    Glenn S. Guest

    Really, it's not Microsoft's fault. It is the fault of every
    third-party software company on Earth, every computer on Earth, and
    every computer user on Earth. It's also the fault of every tadpole
    and ground hog on Earth. Global warming was also a contributing

    Hope that cleared things up for you.

    Glenn S.
    Non-computer nerd user of IE6.

    If you don't like Internet Explorer 7, and want to go back to IE6,
    go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
    Find Windows Internet Explorer 7, highlight it, and click "Remove".
    That will take you back to IE6. The roll-back process worked
    for me, for which I am grateful to Microsoft.
    Glenn S., Dec 8, 2006
  15. vendor [MS]

    Pete Guest

    I just read his column. He is totally removed from the everyday life of the
    actual user. What a puff piece of sh*t. I suppose his MS software never
    crashes, freezes, errors, etc.
    Pete, Dec 8, 2006
  16. vendor [MS]

    relarde Guest

    For the past year I have been able to access a website
    (, where I log in with a user name and password and
    am able to view posts as well as post posts. For the past week, I have not
    been able to access this website which was saved to my favorites. In
    addition, when I type in the URL, I see connecting and then receive the
    message that I may not be connected, or the website is encountering problems.
    I am able to access this website from another computer in a different room.
    I restored the system to the time I last was able to access the website and I
    still can't access it from this pc. Can you please help me? Thanks!
    relarde, May 8, 2007
  17. vendor [MS]

    asiamcat Guest

    asiamcat, May 15, 2007
  18. vendor [MS]

    asiamcat Guest

    I am new here and not certain that I am in the correct area, but at least
    this place will allow me to make a post !

    I have to agree with all that I have read on this page, and I have read
    other pages until I can hardly see anymore -- all to no avail.

    As far as I am concerned, IE 7 is the Worse thing to come down the turnpike !!

    It takes forever to even get someone from Microsoft to understand a problem,
    and then in most cases they do not have the correct answer.
    I have through much time and frustration figured out most of the answers
    myself, b But - not this one =

    Has anyone else had a problem with IE 7 allowing Tracking of Cookies on
    certain sites ??

    Everytime I run my anti-spyware programs, I have anywhere from 6 to 11 of
    these showing, - and I do Not know how to Stop it.

    Any help is Much appreciated.

    Many Thanks :)
    asiamcat, May 15, 2007
  19. vendor [MS]

    Leonard Grey Guest


    You have hijacked a thread. If you want to ask a new question, please
    start a new thread. Most people here simply ignore thread hijackers.

    Did you know that Internet Explorer has built-in cookie management?
    You'll find detailed explanation in the Help file. The tools themselves
    are in Tools > Internet Options > Privacy.

    One person's "tracking cookie" is another's harmless cookie. Since the
    term doesn't have a standard definition, don't you think it's a little
    unfair to ask if another organization knows how to manage what
    /you/consider to be a tracking cookie?

    If you want to manage cookies 'your way' why not take advantage of the
    thousands of cookie management programs available on the internet, many
    available for no or little cost? And while you're on the internet, you
    could learn about how to avoid tracking cookies in the first place. You
    may even learn the facts about these cookies and realize that they're no
    big deal anyway.
    Leonard Grey, May 15, 2007
  20. vendor [MS]

    asiamcat Guest

    Sorry, and I did state that I was not certain I had the correct place.
    However the Title of this group is =

    If My Anti-Spyware program is showing this as a problem, then I trust it.

    Whenever a certain Site is allowing my Cookies to be tracked, that leaves my
    Computer open to Many problems which could be a problem.

    All I wanted to do was find out how to stop this from happening.

    I meant no harm, - and your reply was of no help.

    Thanks anyway !
    asiamcat, May 15, 2007
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