New DFS Standalone 2008 Namespace / Migrate standalone 2003 server

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Chris Meehan, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Chris Meehan

    Chris Meehan Guest

    I'm planning on replacing a server 2003 file server with local storage with a
    new clustered file server using SAN storage and a standalone DFS Namespace. I
    plan on using the FSMT 1.1 to keep the UNC paths working while i copy the
    data and finally decomission the old server. I do have a question about the

    Server A - Win 2003 file server that is currently being accessed daily
    Server B - Win 2008 Ent with DFS installed but no namespace configured yet.

    At this point, what is the best route to take?

    Can I configure my new namespace now without impacting any users? Then
    rename the old server and use the FSMT / DFS to refer users and start the
    copy at my convenience?

    Or is the next step, rename the old server before I configure the new DFS
    namespace and then start using the FSMT / DFS for referrals right away.

    Thanks in advance.

    Chris Meehan, Mar 27, 2009
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  2. Hello Chris,
    Since you are using standalone dfs,use fsmt to migrate files from w2k3 to
    w2k8 (at this time leave users to still have w2k3 for referal) , once
    migration is complete, Configure new dfs namespace in w2k8 and start
    pointing users for referral. ( You may want to do this during off hours so
    that no new changes are made to fils/folder in the process)..Just curious do
    you have a domain? because doamin based dfs is much better etc..
    Isaac Oben [MCITP,MCSE], Mar 27, 2009
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  3. Chris Meehan

    Chris Meehan Guest


    Thanks for the quick reply. I do have a domain but right now my main
    objective is to get the files off of failing hardware. So let me get this

    Server A - Named FS01
    Server B - Named FS1

    I can start using the FSMT to copy everything right now without having dfs
    and referrals setup? Then during maintenance window complete the finalize
    phase of FSMT and setupt he referrals?



    Chris Meehan, Mar 27, 2009
  4. Chris,
    Yes, you can start copying from w2k3 server to w2k8 server while users are
    still using old w2k3 file server as referral. My only concern is that, if
    you copy (say a folder/file) during production hours with no replication,
    what happen if clients update those files/folders? will you have to recopy
    all over agian? Except you want to copy files/folder that you are sure will
    not be updated until migration is complete.

    Isaac Oben [MCTIP:EA, MCSE]
    Isaac Oben [MCITP,MCSE], Mar 27, 2009
  5. Chris Meehan

    Chris Meehan Guest

    You mentioned referrals again, do I have to use DFSconsolidate to setup the
    referalls before the FSMT copy phase? The FSMT will allow me to copy during
    buisness hours and will skip open files, I"ll then run it again right before
    the finalize phase of the tool to grab any updated files and force open files
    closed for copying. This will be done during a maintenance period and will be
    the last time anyone accesses the w2k3 file server directly.

    My question is do I need to setup the referal so that the new DFS box will
    handle login scripts and unc mappings now or can it wait until I am in my
    window and decomission the old server for good?



    Chris Meehan, Mar 27, 2009
  6. Chris,
    Since you are using standalone dfs, wait until migration is complete before
    start pointing clients to new w2k8 server. But I will not decommissioned old
    server yet. I will just shut it down for a couple of days and make sure new
    server is functioning as planned, then bring new server back and

    Isaac Oben [MCTIP:EA, MCSE]
    Isaac Oben [MCITP,MCSE], Mar 27, 2009
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