New Gateway laptop gives install error 0x8007045D

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Mike Bailey, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Mike Bailey

    Mike Bailey Guest

    I’ve seen several postings relating to Error code 0x8007045D during attempted
    installs of Vista, however no true explanation or solution, does anyone have
    My week old Gateway laptop (model: MP6954) has an initial protected
    partition installed by Gateway and is 6.82 GB that contains a locked file or
    folder called “System Restoreâ€, this is locked by PC Angel. The second
    partition (Drive C:) used the remainder of the drive.
    I used Partition Magic 8 to resize the Second partition to 527 GB creating
    unused space at the end of the drive (~52 GB).I then rebooted off the DVD I
    burned from the image I downloaded, this was the 32 bit version of Windows. I
    allowed the installer for Vista format the unused drive space, assuming it
    would set up the partitions to its optimal format. After ~38% of
    installation it hung, finally giving the 0x8007045D error. I let the Vista
    installer back out of the installation and turned the computer off.
    After rebooting into Windows XP (Media edition) I discovered that the
    installer had formatted the partition using the NTFS format. The installer
    had also left some remnants behind, which I deleted. Since I wasn’t sure the
    installer had correctly formatted the partition I used Windows XP to reformat
    the partition and tried installing Vista again. At ~38% of installation it
    hung, finally giving the 0x8007045D error.
    Does anybody have any ideas; this computer was advertised as Vista ready
    Mike Bailey, Oct 24, 2006
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  2. Mike Bailey

    Spirefm Guest

    Mike, could you just clarify some things for me?
    1. Your drive is 120GB and you've repartioned that to have about 52GB for
    Vista and 60GB for Media plus the 7GB reserved? (Your post says something
    about 527GB!)
    2. You are attempting a 'Clean Install' rather than an 'Upgrade'
    3. You are running the Vista installation DVD from within Media, or booting
    from it?
    Spirefm, Oct 24, 2006
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  3. Mike Bailey

    Mike Bailey Guest

    1. The drive is 120 GB (true size is 111.79 GB), I have taken the second
    partiton and essentialy split it in two, so the partitons are (as the are in
    order on the Drive):
    - Partiton 1: 6.84 GB FAT32 (this is the recovery partiton setup by
    - Partiton 2: 52.74 GB NTFS (This contains Windows XP Media and my data)
    I missed putting the decimal point in on the original post - sorry.
    - Partiton 3: 52.21 GB NTFS (This was for Vista to be installed on)

    2. I am attemting a clean install, so I duo boot. Although this is not a
    critical computer it would be of some inconvinence if I have problems so want
    a 'fall back' operating system.

    3. I am booting off th DVD and doing a custom install (I'm not 100% sure of
    the wording, but I'm not taking the default choices) since I want to set up a
    Duo boot system. This is what I've been in th habit of doing with my desktop
    when running Beta software, one 'stable partition' to go to just incase the
    beta software messes things up, and a second partiton with beta software
    where I do most my computing.
    Mike Bailey, Oct 25, 2006
  4. Mike Bailey

    zZz Guest

    Hey - seems that you burned the dvd yourself? I saw somewhere that someone had this problem when burning speed was set to more than minimum. try burning a new dvd at lowest speed (2x) - that should fix it. :) - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    zZz, Nov 28, 2006
  5. Mike Bailey

    Mike Bailey Guest

    Thanks zZz,

    I did burn the DVD at the slowest setting my laptop was capeable of. However
    I discover that buring the DVD on my Mac (Apple uses better hardware than
    Gateway) I got a DVD that installed Vista on my laptop.

    It's a shame that Spirefm couldn't have suggested this a month ago...
    judging by the number of people tht posted with this problem many could have
    benifited by him following up with a decent reply (more my reason for posting
    in the first place).
    Mike Bailey, Dec 1, 2006
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