New Online Media content in Media Center

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Cameron Snyder, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Hey, I had some friends over for some Xbox'n and home theater'n and I
    noticed a new streamin' item in Online Media--The Big Debate. Very cool.
    Hilarious. I didn't know that the offerings in Media Center were dynamic and
    updated. There is a new Learn How item as well which I hadn't noticed

    Looks like Mcrsft is doing an Xbox Live number on Media Center and
    entertainment value continues to evolve. I approve. Check it out.
    Cameron Snyder, Apr 26, 2008
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  2. Yes ANOTHER microsoft con,only available in us and canada ....what about us
    in the u.k.?
    peter c.a.hawkins, Apr 26, 2008
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  3. Hey, have you enabled all your online access and sharing of information,
    upload and download, in the settings? That is required here for extra
    content to be offered. Some of you British Luddites are way
    paranoid I've noticed; not enabling anything, complaining about high CPU
    cycles, sitting around with stopwatches and timing file transfer speeds to
    determine if Vista is worthy, blaming Microsoft of conning the UK because
    third-party North American content isn't available there, wanting everything
    for free now because they spent 100 quid five years ago. Oh wait, they
    pirated it five years ago when it would have cost 100 quid to buy it. Never

    Any entrepreneurs over there want to partner up with Mcsft and offer some
    content to UK consumers? Looks like the field is wide open. Get the BBC to
    produce streamable HD content, or a third party with BBC's release. Sell
    adverts to support it. Uh oh, government entity. Well somebody else then.
    Fox does sports programming here in Media Center, but only as a listing of
    what is playing now or coming up in their broadcasts. Very cool for sports
    fans. The possible iterations are wide and varied. It's all about markets
    marketing. You don't expect Mcsft to pay for it do you?
    Cameron Snyder, Apr 27, 2008
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