New twist for 0x8024D007

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by jongo, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. jongo

    jongo Guest

    I have xp home SP3 and my logon has Admin rights. The sequence of events is:

    1. Got a virus notice from my antivirus (CA Security Centre) on 10-Jul-2009.
    2. A bit later XP gave me a message that some files were damaged and asked
    me to install my XP SP3 CD. This PC came with a XP SP2 CD, hence, I inserted
    it, but XP rejected it as it was not the XP SP3 CD.
    3. I booted from my XP SP2 CD and ran the Repair existing Windows function,
    This resulted in my PC changing from SP3 back to SP2, also IE7 changed back
    to IE6.
    4. Then I found Windows Update would not load, and got the 0x8024D007 error.
    5. Downloaded XP SP3 on another PC on my home network, copied it to the
    problem PC, and tried to install it. However, by this method SP3 failed to
    install with a message about not being authorised (or something like that).
    Subsequently the partially complete SP3 installation uninstalled itself,
    followed by an XP message saying that Windows is damaged and may not work
    6. Then I remembered that one of my other PCs has XP SP3, so I booted off
    the XP SP3 CD and ran the Repair existing Windows function. This resulted in
    my PC changing from SP2 back to SP3 again, but I still had IE6 and I still
    received the Update 0x8024D007 error.
    7. Next I installed IE8, but this had no effect on the Update 0x8024D007
    8. Next I manually downloaded the latest version of Windows Update Agent as
    described in KB949104. However, at the last stage of installing the Windows
    Update Agent I again got the dreaded 0x8024D007 error.
    9. Next I ran the KB643144 fix, but this had no effect on the 0x8024D007

    Sorry that its a bit long winded, but nothing seems to fix the problem.
    Please note that I am an electrical engineer, but I am not a computer expert.
    Hence, I presently do not know how to edit the Registry directly, but I can

    Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

    Regards, Jongo.
    jongo, Jul 9, 2009
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  2. PA Bear [MS MVP], Jul 9, 2009
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  3. See if this helps:
    How to Repair the Windows Update Files.

    1. Go Start > Run.
    2. In the box type REGSVR32 WUAPI.DLL > Enter.
    3. A message saying, "DllRegisterServer in WUAPI.DLL succeeded" will appear
    4. Now it is necessary to repeat these steps for each of the following files
    Hit Enter after each line


    Once finished; since the temporary folder of Windows Update may be
    corrupted, please carry out the following steps to rename the folder:

    1. Go Start > Run > in the box type cmd > Enter.

    Type the following command in the open panel.

    net stop WuAuServ

    (Please Note: the computer may need to be rebooted before the net stop
    command will work.)

    2. Go Start > Run > type in the box %windir% > Enter.
    3. In the opened folder, rename the folder ( by Right clicking)
    SoftwareDistribution to Sdold.
    4. Go Start > Run > type in cmd > Enter. In the open command pane, please

    net start WuAuServ

    Once that's done, Go Start > All Programs > Windows Updates and see if it
    will allow the downloading/installation of Windows Updates.

    Danny Sanders, Jul 9, 2009
  4. jongo

    MowGreen Guest

    All of that, plus more, can be accomplished by either running the Fixit
    on this page or by downloading, saving, and then running it :

    How do I reset Windows Update components?

    Much simpler for most Users, Danny. <w>

    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen, Jul 9, 2009
  5. Harry Johnston [MVP], Jul 10, 2009
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