New User Added to Domain, Migrate Old Local User Docs to New Domain User?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Walt Shipworthson, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. SBS 2003 server installed to former peer network. XP Pro client machine has
    existing user configured, named say "Mark".

    User is added to SBS 2003 domain as MarkT. Now go to XP Pro client machine
    and execute the connect process. At this point the XP Pro client now has
    two users configured, Mark and MarkT.

    What's the best procedure for getting his settings and documents moved from
    the old Mark local user account to the new MarkT domain account?

    Walt Shipworthson, Mar 16, 2005
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  2. Ok, I'll delete them and start over.

    Fortunately I've waited for your answer before proceeding with the
    migration, as I see it is now counter-indicated to follow the "Migrating
    from a Peer-to-Peer Network to a SBS 2003 Network" guide, which advises
    creating an account on the server for each computer and user (Step 2).

    Any other gotcha's I should watch out for in the Migration doc?
    Walt Shipworthson, Mar 16, 2005
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  3. The only one I have had is if the workstation IP is different that the domain
    IP, or you use dhcp for the domain, you may have to change the ip addy on the
    workstation to match the domain ip network to connect to the server, but
    sometimes I dont even need to do that, so if you try it and you cant get to
    that page, try changing the IP address. (and subnet/gatway too)
    Michael Patrick, Mar 16, 2005
  4. Well, I've deleted the new user and computer from SBS domain.

    Now when using http:\\servername\connectcomputer,

    I get a login screen. Only /password works,
    and then the only user that I can migrate is administrator, as he's the only
    user that exists on the server.

    I guess I'm missing something, I was expecting to be able to migrate a local
    user to the domain...
    Walt Shipworthson, Mar 16, 2005
  5. Never mind. I see how it works...
    Walt Shipworthson, Mar 16, 2005
  6. Ok, after running connnectcomputer again I successfully migrated the user
    and his files to the domain login name.

    There was one problem, though--the Outlook 2k3 refused to migrate the old
    file--it claimed it didn't exist in the listed location, despite the fact
    that it was in fact there.

    After completing the client setup and outlook install wizard, I simply
    imported the file and it worked fine.

    My guess is there was something about the synchronization--the PST was
    stored under MyDocs, and perhaps PST's don't get synched and copied to the
    server, so the Outlook install wizard was actually looking at the server
    MyDocs, rather than locally? Maybe I should have typed a full
    reference in the location when it prompted, i.e.

    Walt Shipworthson, Mar 17, 2005
  7. One slight gotcha I discovered involves Outlook. Migrating peer users that
    used POP email with PST files.

    In the old network config, I'd configured the PST's to be in a subfolder of
    My Docs to enable easier backup configurations. The SBS synchronizing
    mechanism reports an error on these files, (PST files won't synchronize) and
    there were a few pc's on which the Outlook 2k3 choked on not finding a data
    file to migrate.

    Also, on all pc's, PST files didn't import to the Exchange Mailbox, but to a
    personal folders account. Probably expected behaviour, but sort of clumsy
    and confusing for users not adept at manipulating outlook data files. I
    went around and manually imported the PST's into the Mailbox for the users,
    so that Calenders and such were all in one spot...

    Will Niccolls
    Will Niccolls, Mar 22, 2005
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