Newbie Question; how to convert Outlook contacts fields for WM 2003SE

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Dave Ducharme, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I've recently switched from a Palm Treo 600 to an Audiovox PPC6600 and
    am managing the transition well except when it comes to my contacts. I
    used a handly little app called PocketCopy to transfer my Palm contacts
    to Outlook and everything appeared to go smoothly, numbers converted
    nicely and notes transferred OK also. However, I noticed that in the
    conversion, any of the "Work" numbers in Palm were converted to
    "Business" numbers in Outlook (2003 by the way). This wouldn't be a
    problem but it seems there is no "Business" field in the contacts in my
    PPC and there doesn't appear to be any way to translate Business=Work or
    vice versa.

    I tried adding a work field in Outlook but it doesn't treat it as a
    phone number field and I can't see any way to add a Business field on my

    Am I missing something obvious?

    - Dave D.
    Dave Ducharme, Mar 1, 2006
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  2. You need to move the Business numbers into the Work phone number field
    - the Business field isn't synchronized, and you cannot synchronize
    custom fields.
    Rob Borek [MS MVP], Mar 1, 2006
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  3. That's the problem, Outlook's contacts doesn't have a Work phone number
    Dave Ducharme, Mar 1, 2006
  4. Dave Ducharme

    Dave D. Guest

    Well I'm happy for you but how does that help me? Or are you writing to
    Dave D., Mar 2, 2006
  5. Sorry, I was thinking of Company, not Business (Company is not
    synchronized in WM2003SE).

    Business will synchronize - if it is not, then try deleting the
    partnership and start over.
    Rob Borek [MS MVP], Mar 2, 2006
  6. Dave Ducharme

    Dave D. Guest

    That did the trick. Thank you very much.

    - Dave D.
    Dave D., Mar 2, 2006
  7. The import wizard in outlook allows you to "map" the fields at the last
    step before the import process.... so, if your converter is wrong, might
    be a better approach.

    Beverly Howard [MS MVP-Mobile Devices]
    Beverly Howard [Ms-MVP/MobileDev], Mar 2, 2006
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