nforce 3 sata raid installation issues

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Hinterland_Who, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I'm getting the now infamous "Setup could not get information about the disks
    on your computer." error when installing Vista Beta 2.

    My system is as follows:

    Gigabyte K8NS-939 F9
    Athlon 64 3500+
    2*256 Corsair XMS & 2*512 OCZ EL Gold PC-3200
    2*80Gb Maxtor Sata HD RAID 0
    160GB Maxtor ATA HD
    XFX 6800 Ultra AGP

    Win XP 32 has been relagated to partitions on the RAID array, and Vista 64
    is slated for one of the empty 80 GB NTFS partitions on the ATA HD. I am
    booting XP32 from the RAID array, and i am familar with F6'ing raid drivers
    for XP32. Booting from DVD, I get the the disk error, and does not give me
    the option of choosing drivers before returning to the main installation page.

    Through the command promt option on the advanced recovery page, I was able
    to load drivers, and can read the contents of the IDE HD. The vista drivers
    on Nvidia's page do not list the Nforce 3 platform. I get errors (using
    Nvidia's beta vista X64 drivers and from the NforceHQ 6.93 redux drivers for
    Nforce 3). No way to restart the installation without rebooting the computer
    from recovery page.

    Gave up booting from DVD, tried installing XP Pro 64. Getting errors trying
    to enable the RAID array. No luck with Nvidia's Nforce 3 drivers for X64,
    beta Nforce X64 drivers, redux drivers X64 or Vista X64 drivers for sataraid
    and/or legacy directories from F6 floppy. Various errors occur when
    processing one or both drivers for Nvidia Nforce stoarge controller drivers,
    and/or Nvidia Raid Class drivers. When specifying the RAID driver only, I
    get a disk Halt error.

    Any suggestions on getting Vista 64 and/or XP Pro X64 working?
    Can I disable raid, install V64/X64 on the IDE drive and somehow get
    raid/dual boot V64/X64 and X32 to function?
    should I try DL'ing V32 for new OS goodness, and wait on V64 compatibility?
    Hinterland_Who, Jun 13, 2006
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