NLB problem : only one cluster host takes up the requests

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by kavitha110, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Apr 19, 2012
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    We have 2 windows server 2003 (enterprise) machines set up.
    Server 1
    1 local area network with IP -
    1 wireless NIC with IP -

    Server 2
    1 local area network with IP -
    1 wireless NIC with IP -

    Virtual IP (or cluster IP)

    Both the machines have iis set up. I have created a page index.htm on each of these servers where they only display their respective server names.

    On server 1 I have set up the NLB manager and added both the hosts. They have converged and I dint have any problems doing this.

    But only server is servicing all requests despite both of the hosts being up and converged in NLB cluster.

    The affinity I have chosen is NONE.
    And I have set the mode to unicast mode

    Irrespective of how many times I access using the virtual IP only server 1 is servicing the request. Load balancing is not happening even if I stop the server 1.

    Only the following is displayed when I access the virtual IP:

    Nothing seems to set this problem right.

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    kavitha110, Apr 19, 2012
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