No Audio in Recorded Shows - Live TV Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Adam Egdall, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Adam Egdall

    Adam Egdall Guest

    I am a system builder and have assembled a very basic Media Center PC with
    the intent of understanding the technology before deploying it as a retail
    solution. So far, I keep hitting stumbling block after stumbling block with
    little to no support available. I'm hoping that this resource proves
    fruitful because this has been a very costly venture (both time and
    hardware). My system is configured as such:

    Intel 915PBL Motherboard
    Intel P4 530 CPU
    Kingston DDR2 512MB (2 x 256 PC1066)
    Seagate 60GB SATA for OS
    Western Digital WD25000JD for Recorded TV
    Sony DVD/CDRW IDE Drive
    2 x ATI EHome Wonder Capture Cards
    Radeon X300 Video Card outputting SVideo to my TV
    Microsoft OEM Remote Control
    Microsoft Windows XP MCE 2005 with ALL patches
    NVidia DVD Decoder
    Norton Anti Virus 2005
    NO additional software is loaded intentionally

    The tuner cards have cable TV signals directly into them with NO STB involved.

    The 2 main issues I face regularly are:
    1: Recorded show will not have audio. Video is perfect but there is no
    audio track. Restarting the machine appears to resolve the issue but
    sometimes it will resolve on its' own.
    2: Watching live TV works for 30 to 60 seconds at which point audio and
    video start to separate with the audio being real time and the video lagging
    until the video stops altogether. Playing back of recorded video works fine
    at this point but switching channels yields the same 30 to 60 seconds of
    playback and then fails again.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to
    market this product but right now, I'd be the sole point of support and
    there's no way I would be able to keep up.
    Adam Egdall, Feb 13, 2005
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  2. Adam Egdall

    Bob [MVP] Guest

    Bob [MVP], Feb 13, 2005
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  3. Adam Egdall

    Adam Egdall Guest

    Thanks for the link. I was sure I had checked on hardware compatibility
    because this machine was built with MCE only in mind but apparently I went
    the route of following links on Microsoft's website for MCE, stupid me:

    Pointed me to ATI's site

    Which states that the X300 and EHome Wonder are acceptable solutions. My bad.

    Another thing I did which is just as dumb, was to order up an ATI Reseller
    package for Media Center that was an X700, EHome Wonder, and an HDTV Tuner.
    They also had a NON-HDTV package with JUST the EHome Wonder. Bad assumption
    on my part that they were MCE certified.

    Back to the drawing board.

    Any recommendations based on compatibility and quality on TV tuners that
    support 2 seperate tuners and which Video Processor tends to have the least

    Adam Egdall, Feb 13, 2005
  4. Adam Egdall

    Bob [MVP] Guest

    I followed the ATI link you provided (after I fixed your typo ;)
    and noticed the following language used:

    ATI will provide both AGP and PCI Express solutions that
    will be “Designed for Media Center Edition”

    Notice that they used the word "will" instead of "does". Hmmm....

    I'd check the ATI site to see if they have MCE 2005 drivers
    available for your hardware. It's not uncommon for Microsoft's
    published list to lag behind what the vendors have available.

    Microsoft MVP
    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Bob [MVP], Feb 13, 2005
  5. Adam Egdall

    Nigel Barker Guest

    There are certainly products not on the Microsoft blessed list that do work well
    with MCE 2005. The Ehome Wonder has been discontinued which is a good reason for
    avoiding it as updates & fixes are less likely.

    The TV tuner that I have used for years & would recommend is the Hauppauge WinTV
    PVR250. It antedate MCE is good quality & has a lot of 3rd Party support for
    applications other than MCE.

    When it comes to graphics cards again many that are not on the MS list work
    well. Ideally you want one that does DX9 in hardware & the Nvidia FX5200 at
    about $50 is far & away the cheapest. ATI do claim support for Radeon cards from
    the 9200 upwards & the 9100 integrated graphics available on some motherboards
    e.g. on the ASUS Pundit-R barebones system. They probably aren't beefy enough if
    you want to do HDTV but for SDTV should be fine.
    Nigel Barker, Feb 13, 2005
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