No automatic install, please.....

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by William Lurie, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. I don't want Windows Update ever to install anything except when I have
    already reviewed and accepted it.

    Overnight last night it decided to do a bunch of installing and the
    Windows Update site itself has changed.

    The site itself has links which just sit there indefinitely after I
    click on them. Like "Review History", and their "Assisted" link.

    Using XP Home/ do I get to make my own decisions again?

    Thank you.
    William Lurie, Aug 13, 2010
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  2. Use the Automatic Updates control panel (not the WU web site) to select the
    option you want, probably either "download but don't install" or "notify me but
    don't download or install".


    PS: if it seems quiet in here, that's because Microsoft have closed this newsgroup.

    You might want to consider visiting the appropriate web forum instead.


    Windows Update:
    Harry Johnston, Aug 13, 2010
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