No Black Playlist Background & No 'Now Playing' playlist feature

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Xavien, May 19, 2006.

  1. Xavien

    Xavien Guest

    I played with WMP for a short time, there are few things i simply dont like
    about it and a few things i would suggest taking from WMP 10 to improve it.

    Firstly, There is NO 'make the playlist background black' checkbox like in
    WMP 10, if im going to view my playlist i dont want it glaring in my eyes
    with an unsightly shade of light blue, i would like the playlist to prehaps
    adhere to the colour scheme system you placed within WMP 11.

    (whats the point in picking colours when you cannot turn your playlist black
    if you want a dark shaded player? )

    The 'Now Playing' Button in WMP 10 was vastly better, simply because you
    could quickly open your most used playlists in 2 clicks, now with WMP 11 the
    only way to play playlists is by going all the way through the damn library,
    then right click the playlist and play. I believe adding a way to quickly
    play a playlist in the Play section of the player would be far less
    arrovating. This problem is made all the more worse, by WMP 11 not keeping
    the play list you had playing before you shut the player down.

    for example: go all the way through the library find the playlist you want,
    right click and play (ugh, so user unfriendly), then close WMP down while the
    playlist is playing. Now open up WMP 11 and the playlist is GONE from the
    playing part of WMP 11, in WMP 10 the playlist is kept there even after
    closing down the player, the problem is made even worse by the aforementioned
    diving into the library to find a playlist problem.

    I have looked through the options pane (four times) and there is no options
    anywhere to change these default annoyances that WMP 11 has.

    I can only hope this changes for the final version of the product but for
    now, even without any bugs, the player is far less usable then WMP 10. I
    dont get why microsoft gives some cool new features with each version and
    then takes some essential features away at the same time, why?
    Xavien, May 19, 2006
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  2. Xavien

    Xavien Guest

    i would also like to note its WMP 11 beta (if you didnt guess by the end)
    Xavien, May 19, 2006
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  3. Thanks for your feedback Xavien.It is appreciated and will be considered.
    Jeremy Knudsen [MS], May 20, 2006
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