No good complaining, the Computer Store will not give me my money back told them I was riped off the

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Michael Yardley, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I was told to buy Vista .It was the worse thing anybody ever told
    never buying MS again.

    MVP says his Vista is ok.Well he never paid for it and I did so I can
    Michael Yardley, Nov 8, 2007
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  2. Where did you buy Windows Vista and how long ago?
    Easy to return retail Windows Vista in North America as long as you
    have it less than 45 days.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Nov 8, 2007
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  3. Michael Yardley

    User Guest

    GO Rob a BANK, why? because I told you so...Sheezzzz

    How do you know MVP Mike Hall didn't pay for his? Nothing in that thread
    says anything about him paying or not and has nothing to do with how Vista
    works on any machine. You want to complain? fire away, but these groups are
    set up by MS for Peer to Peer help and you will get far better results
    asking for help.

    Vista is new, different and a learning cure for many, so calm down and have

    All the best,
    User, Nov 8, 2007
  4. Michael Yardley

    Kevin Guest

    Who told you to buy Vista? Did you exercise due diligence by researching
    what applications and hardware you have that might have issues with Vista?
    How do you know if a MVP posting in the group has paid for his or her copy
    of Vista? You don't know that unless you work for Microsoft or know a MVP

    Not "all" software or hardware will function in the Vista environment. Run
    the Vista Advisor for information. And, yes, you paid for the software so
    you can certainly bitch about it. As to the store not giving you your money
    back, did you read the terms of sale agreement for the software?
    Kevin, Nov 8, 2007
  5. You have not told us what type of problems you are experiencing with the OS
    on your machine. We don't know if its even software or hardware related.
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Nov 8, 2007
  6. You still trying to shovel that lie of bullshit? Due diligence won't
    show Vista's build in flaws. You won't know Vista will probably run
    slower than XP until you install it. You won't know Vista may crawl
    copying and moving files until you install it. You won't know it spies
    behind your back phoning home constantly considering users that have
    paid for Vista, registered and activated as potential thieves in spite
    of all that. Such things you find out AFTER THE FACT and no dumb as
    dirt fanboy or butt kissing MVP will tell you.

    Kind of easy to learn why the fanboy mob tries to silence me, I tell
    the truth, they're full of sh*t.
    You're now going to pretend Microsoft doesn't give MVP's tons of FREE
    software? I can't be bought. Another reason I'm not liked here. Why
    should anyone trust some apologist that gets handed $$$$$$ of free
    Right, just ignore the things it says won't cause problems, but will
    once you start to install Vista.
    Damn Jupiter, why don't you grow a brain, you always come off like a
    nitwit while pretending to be an expert. You can't read the license
    UNTIL you've started to install Vista. Then you can't take it back to
    where you bought it.

    Its too damn easy to kick fanboys and MVP's in their big dumb asses,
    all you need it a few facts.
    Adam Albright, Nov 8, 2007
  7. Michael Yardley

    Charlie Tame Guest

    I have to agree, we easily forget that a) investigating problems is a
    hobby and b) we don't have to pay for an OS to play with so most can
    afford a 2nd machine to break occasionally and then figure out how to
    fix it. We rarely get that "Oh hell" moment when something goes
    irreversibly wrong and then there's all the pain and hassle of setting
    things up again. (Of course something like Acronis can do the same if
    you want to follow a good backup regime).

    What would you prefer to do? Try again to get Vista working properly, go
    back to something else (XP?) or something completely different?
    Charlie Tame, Nov 8, 2007
  8. Michael Yardley

    Frank Guest

    Fukk!!! I am telling you to go buy some brains, ok?
    Frank, Nov 8, 2007
  9. Michael Yardley

    glsj.dw Guest

    Vista is very bad. And the MVPs in here are Idiots.

    In here you will get mostly stupid replies from fanboys attacking you
    because you had the courage to stand up to the system that wants to gobble
    everything up.

    There are a few people in here that warn against using vista .... all you
    had to do was ask a question in this newsgroup.. you would get their
    opinions also.
    glsj.dw, Nov 8, 2007
  10. Michael Yardley

    Leythos Guest

    I've found that Vista is not worth the cost also, it provides no ROI and
    causes problems with many applications and does not run near as fast as
    XP on the same hardware - in fact, on most hardware that worked well
    with XP, Vista runs very much slower.

    Every machine I've tested with the Vista adviser tool as passed with
    flying colors, and still it runs like crap.

    I have a very nice Dual Xeon 3ghz machine, 3GB RAM, 128MB Video card,
    Dual 250GB Mirrored (hardware) Drives, etc... Under XP Prof or even
    Windows 2003 Server it screams and does everything very quickly, under
    vista it crawls and is just unpleasant.

    No, you didn't say where you bought Vista or what version. Many stores
    have a no-return policy for software, it IS up to you to check on a
    return policy before you make a purchase. Making a purchase without
    knowing the return policy means you eat the price if it doesn't work


    - Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.
    - Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a
    drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist"
    (remove 999 for proper email address)
    Leythos, Nov 8, 2007
  11. Michael Yardley

    Alias Guest

    You need a more powerful video card.
    Alias, Nov 8, 2007
  12. Michael Yardley

    ray Guest

    Caveat Emptor. Maybe you'd be interested in trying some of the free Open
    Source alternatives.
    ray, Nov 8, 2007
  13. Maybe you would be interested in sticking your head up your A$$. OpenSores
    is NOT the answer.
    Jerry Atricks, Nov 8, 2007
  14. Michael Yardley

    Alias Guest

    Why is it that the MS fanboys are so crass and impolite? Why does Open
    Source make them feel so threatened?
    Alias, Nov 8, 2007
  15. Michael Yardley

    Frank Guest

    You don't like the fact of being called a liar when in fact you are a
    known liar. You think calling you, a known liar, a liar is "crass", when
    it really should be called the "awful truth".
    If the label fits, wear it!
    Frank, Nov 8, 2007
  16. Michael Yardley

    Alias Guest

    You're the worst example of what I'm talking about.
    Alias, Nov 8, 2007
  17. Michael Yardley

    Frank Guest

    You're the best example of what I'm talking about.
    Frank, Nov 8, 2007
  18. Who is threatened by OpenSores software? It just DOESN'T do the job. The
    interface is about 8 years behind the times, there isn't any Macro
    capabilities in their sorry excuse for Excel or Word. It just isn't ready
    for prime time.

    Make any excuses you wish, but wait another 8 years then OpenSores will come
    around to 2006!
    Jerry Atricks, Nov 8, 2007
  19. <You bring attention to yourself here Geritol Atricks, and I got an eye
    on you.>
    Adam Arrested Development Albright, Nov 8, 2007
  20. Somebody with a big butterfly net is out looking for you fool.
    Adam Albright, Nov 8, 2007
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