No little yellow notification shield icon appears in system tray on client computer for approved Win

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Spin, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Spin

    Spin Guest


    As you know from reading my earlier posts (I apologize for the small flurry)
    I'm running WSUS 3.1 on Server 2003 with one test XP SP2 workstation. I
    have approved two patches for it (XP SP3 and MS Windows Installer v3.1). I
    can see the approvals clearly in the WSUS console and that the XP
    workstation needs "2" patches according to the console. However, even after
    rebooting the XP workstation several times, the little yellow notification
    shield icon does not appear - even though I have the WSUS Group Policy set
    to "Notify for download and Notify for install". The Client Diagnostics
    Tool reports everything pass, nothing failed. What am I doing wrong?
    Spin, Sep 17, 2008
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  2. Try: Start > Run > CMD[ENTER] > wuauclt /detectnow (2 or 5 times).

    Winfried Sonntag [MVP], Sep 17, 2008
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  3. Spin

    DaveMills Guest

    I am surprised that only 2 patches are shown as needed. There are a lot more
    patches needed on a system than just SP3 and Win Inst v3.1. What is the current
    SP level of the PC? Windows installer 3.1 is a WSUS update so if you have had to
    approve that for install then you must have disabled the automatic approval for
    WSUS updates. What about all the other WSUS updates that are required before
    things will work. There are 6 of them on my WSUS 2 system and ALL of them must
    be installed for WSUS 2/XP to work. I cannot see my WSUS 3.1 system from here
    but there are several mandatory WSUS updates required. I am curious as to how
    your system requires Windows Installer 3.1 but none of the other WSUS updates.
    DaveMills, Sep 18, 2008
  4. Are you logged into the test workstation as a member of the Administrators group?

    If this isn't the problem, post the last fifty lines from WindowsUpdate.log on
    the test workstation.

    Harry Johnston [MVP], Sep 18, 2008
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