No "Photo" profile when importing pictures to Photo Gallery

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by pcbobsledder, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. pcbobsledder

    pcbobsledder Guest

    I have an HP OfficeJet v40 connected to my Vista Ultimate SP1 PC. When I try
    to follow the Windows Photo Gallery instructions on how to import pictures
    from the scanner, but when it says to select the "Photo" profile, I can't
    because it doesn't exist. I then try to create my own profile, but all the
    options are documents. (e.g Legal 8.5x14, Folio 8.5x13, etc.) How can I get
    the photos imported as photos and not as a 15 page document? Thanks.
    pcbobsledder, Apr 8, 2008
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