No sound: Multimedia audio controller - not configured correctly

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by Mcnez, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Mcnez

    Mcnez Guest

    Yesterday we deleted temporary files that were taking up too much memory. We
    also "defragged" the computer (well, it wasn't me; I have no idea what
    "defragging" does). Our antivirus software also found a potential virus, but
    it seems as if it prevented the virus from ruining anything.

    However, now there is no sound. We can play Windows Media Player and iTunes,
    but the volume can't be used because of missing hardware. It's constantly
    muted. the message says, "Multimedia audio controller is not configured
    correctly" but we aren't able to reinstall, even if we use the installation
    CD provided to us when we bought the compuer. We can't update the driver at

    Any ideas on where to begin?

    Mcnez, Nov 20, 2006
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