No VIdeo detection using VIDEO INPUT 2" with SONY VAIO and Sony vi

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I have a 1999 SOny analog Hi-8 tape video camera. I am trying to get the
    video into the movie maker but it says it doesn't recognize any video source.
    I plug the yellow plug from the camera to the yellow plug in the front bottom
    of the SONY VAIO, and do the same for the audio. I am using RCA plugs
    I am completely stupid with all this. I am 64 and don't speak your language.
    Can somebody tell me what to do? I have about 50 of these 8mm tapes of my
    children that I want to put ov DVD and bought this exspensive SONY computer
    just for that reason. I was told it was easy to put analog tape movies into
    this computer and then make DVD. So far, I can't even get the camera hooked
    in right. Will some young person help me.
    Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 12, 2007
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  2. Dumb Old Geezer.

    JW Guest

    Does your computer also have Y, R&W RCA connectors on the Back? If so try
    JW, Aug 12, 2007
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  3. Dumb Old Geezer.

    Nigel Barker Guest

    It would be even easier to hook up a cheap DVD recorder via the s-video & audio outputs of your
    camcorder. Press <RECORD> on the recorder & then <PLAY> on the camcorder.


    Nigel Barker
    Live from the sunny Cote d'Azur
    Nigel Barker, Aug 12, 2007
  4. No. The only inputs for the yellow and white RCA jacks are in the front.
    What are they for? I spent about another hour trying to get anything to play
    in the computer from my camcorder. Are these "vidoe imputs" just for looks?
    Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 13, 2007
  5. That crossed my mind. To just buy a DVD recorder. They look alot simpler, but
    that being the case, what is the point of the Video Input on the SONY
    computer if it doesn't do anything? Plus, I wanted to edit the videos to take
    out the boring parts.
    If I make a DVD from a DVD recorder, could I use that to get the "video"
    into my computer somehow?
    Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 13, 2007
  6. Dumb Old Geezer.

    JW Guest

    The user's manual for your PC or it's built in Help may help in finding out
    what applications will work with the front connections. Also the
    application you are trying may have setup options that allow the input to
    come from multiple sources and you may have to tell the application that you
    want to use the front jacks as input and not already loaded files on your
    JW, Aug 13, 2007
  7. Dumb Old Geezer.

    Farmboy Guest

    My HP came with a front panel composite input (Yellow RCA Connector), and no
    S/W that could use it. I installed Nero 7 and everything works. You can get a
    free trial download from Nero and try it out.
    Farmboy, Aug 13, 2007
  8. Are you sure the connections you are using are *inputs*?
    Gene E. Bloch, Aug 14, 2007
  9. JW. Thankyou for the advice, but HOW do I do this. How to I tell the
    applications that I want to use the front jacks. The HOW is the hard part.
    Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 14, 2007
  10. Mr.Bloch. The are labeled VIDEO INPUT 2. They are located in the same place
    you find the S video, and all the various memory stick and camera memory
    cards. I bougth a SONY computer hoping it would work with a SONY camera.
    Dumb me.
    Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 14, 2007
  11. Thank you Farmboy. Where do I get this Nero 7? Please understand that I am
    not to brght with this computer stuff. It took me about an hour to even get
    Dumb Old Geezer., Aug 14, 2007
  12. Dumb Old Geezer.

    Nigel Barker Guest

    Using the search engine at & entering Nero 7 in the box then clicking the 'Search'
    box gives a long list of links. Top of the list is where you can read about & buy Nero
    7. Follow the Downloads link & you can download a full featured free trial version that will work
    for 15 days so you can evaluate whether it is right for you.


    Nigel Barker
    Live from the sunny Cote d'Azur
    Nigel Barker, Aug 14, 2007
  13. I *had* to ask, since it's a common error. And if I were right you'd
    have said D'oh and gone on from there :) ...And it would be no dumber
    than *many* mistakes I've made ;-)

    Well, most anyone would've thought the same thing about matching Sony
    to Sony. You're probably just making some mistake that would be obvious
    if someone were there with you seeing what you've done, but sometimes
    it's not so easy in the newsgroup environment unless you just happen to
    say something that will clue one of us in. Or unless someone who is
    appropriately intuitive happens to read the thread...

    My only constructive thought is that the software is deficient in
    finding the input, since what you describe sound good to me. Or maybe
    you need to set the camera in VCR mode and turn it on before starting
    the software. Or start playing it before trying to get the SW to
    recognize it. Or more trials like these...
    Gene E. Bloch, Aug 15, 2007
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