Norton Internet Security Uninstall

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Lionel Hutz, attorney at law., Nov 3, 2006.

  1. I installed Vista RC1 without having uninstalled Norton Internet Security
    2006 first. Now I cant uninstall it. The uninstall keeps hanging up. Can
    anyone help me uninstall this? Does anyone know what the problem might be?
    Lionel Hutz, attorney at law., Nov 3, 2006
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  2. Lionel Hutz, attorney at law.

    xfile Guest


    Looks like an attorney needs help - very exceptional :)

    Try contact their technical support at:

    Noted, that's for NIS 2006 and change to 2007 if you're using that version.

    Or do a search on their site for this: Norton_Removal_Tool.exe This tool
    can remove NIS without going through Add or Remove Programs.

    Good luck and many Vista users may need your services when they have
    "complaints" about the calling home features and license issues.

    "Lionel Hutz, attorney at law."
    xfile, Nov 3, 2006
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  3. Thanks for the tip xfile. Unfortunately this attorney is still in need of
    some help. I tried running the norton removal tool and it's not working. It
    says it is complete after running for about 15 seconds. Norton IS 2006
    remains on the system.

    I've googled some other solutions and one I saw was to wipe the whole drive
    and do a clean install. I realize that's an option but not a feasible one at
    this point. I'm looking for a much easier answer but unfortunately I haven't
    found anything yet. Anyone have any other ideas?
    Lionel Hutz, attorney at law., Nov 4, 2006
  4. You may have few options.
    You could try installing again so it can be uninstalled, but I doubt if that
    will help.

    In the future run the Upgrade Advisor first.
    That would have alerted you in advance of the problems with Norton, as well
    as possibly other potential conflicts.

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]

    "Lionel Hutz, attorney at law."
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Nov 4, 2006
  5. Lionel Hutz, attorney at law.

    xfile Guest


    And did you contact their support?

    Also, if you are not in rush for removing NIS and Vista, wait for the NIS
    updates for Vista which should be coming anytime. Run LiveUpdate

    PS: If you already have partial installed NIS (by running remove halfway),
    I'd suggest you follow the other advise for re-install it in Vista again, if
    possible. After that, you could try either un-install it or wait for the

    Again, if I were you and not in a hurry for removing everything and can run
    Live fine, I'll wait for the update or contact support for the update.

    Hope this helps.

    "Lionel Hutz, attorney at law."
    xfile, Nov 5, 2006
  6. Jupiter, Xfile,

    Thanks for the posts. I tried what J said, and that didn't work either.
    Symantec's tech support person was like talking to a wall, so I'll just be
    patient and wait for the updates to come. I found a post on symantec's site
    indicating that they will be issuing and update to make NIS 2004-2006
    compatible with Vista in the coming weeks.

    What might excacerbate the problem is that the uninstall got hung up halfway
    through one time, but I'll just adopt the wait-and-see approach until
    Symantec issues their updates.

    Everything else appears to be working fine for now so I'll leave it until
    Lionel Hutz, attorney at law., Nov 5, 2006
  7. Lionel Hutz, attorney at law.

    xfile Guest

    Yes, that's what I've heard also for their updates, and suggested you to
    wait and see if not in a hurry.

    PS: Symantec's support definitely is no where closes to the best, but it's
    free for email and online chat support - JFI.

    In the mean time, make sure you can run LiveUpdate and please do that

    But next time, do follow advise from Jupiter Jones [MVP] for running
    Advisor first.

    Also, it is a good practice to check software and hardware vendors' web
    sites for any information and drivers related to the NEW OS before
    installing it.

    Good luck!

    "Lionel Hutz, attorney at law."
    xfile, Nov 5, 2006
  8. I'm an idiot actually. I did run the update advisor and scoured some forums
    for compatibility issues first. I proceeded to uninstall a few programs that
    would've conflicted with Vista. Then, about halfway through Vista's
    installation, I remembered I hadn't uninstalled NIS. I wasn't paying
    attention as I was working on on other things at the same time.
    Lionel Hutz, attorney at law., Nov 9, 2006
  9. Lionel Hutz, attorney at law.

    xfile Guest


    Never mind :)

    Accidents happen all the time and we all made some mistakes.

    One additional tip based on personal experience although others may have
    different opinions: For testing and installing new OS, I'd like to start
    with a new clean HDD. The time spent on moving data and reinstalling
    applications is justified because I'd know if there is any problem right
    away plus I'd have a new start.

    Hope this helps, and no worries :)

    "Lionel Hutz, attorney at law."
    xfile, Nov 10, 2006
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