Not able to download software to rid the Sasser virus.

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by cheryl, May 4, 2004.

  1. cheryl

    cheryl Guest

    How can I download the software to get rid of the Sasser virus if I can not get to the internet to download the software. The internet that I can access will not allow me to download software.
    cheryl, May 4, 2004
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  2. If your computer is constantly attempting to shutdown
    or reboot, quickly go to:

    Start > Run and type: CMD , and hit enter.
    This opens the Command Prompt window.

    Then type: shutdown -a , and hit enter.

    This should halt the rebooting problem.

    What You Should Know About the Sasser Worm and Its Variants

    W32.Sasser.B.Worm Critical Information

    W32.Sasser Removal Tool

    3 Steps to Help Ensure your PC is Protected

    Frequently Asked Questions About Antivirus Software

    Special note if you use AOL:

    America Online installs its own connection settings that override
    the ones that come with Windows XP. America Online's
    connection settings don't include a way to turn on Windows XP's
    built-in firewall.

    Visit the following web site for instructions on downloading
    a FREE firewall program for your computer.


    Carey Frisch
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows XP - Shell/User

    Be Smart! Protect your PC!
    Carey Frisch [MVP], May 4, 2004
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