Not getting all my emails

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Frustrated with W7, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. computer with XP and OE crashed. Have W7 now... downloaded windows live...
    can send and recieve but not getting all of my emails... (have other accounts
    set up with same email address.. am getting emails there but not all in W7).
    Have a Pop3 account. Never any problems with OE... don't understand why I
    recieve some emails and not others... some emails I send and people reply to
    I am not getting either. Any help would be appreciated.
    Frustrated with W7, Jan 5, 2010
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  2. Frustrated with W7

    Bruce Hagen Guest

    Are these actual different accounts, or different e-mail addresses that
    are aliases for the same Inbox? How are they set up? (i.e. rules moving to
    different folders?).

    Elaborate on this:

    (have other accounts
    W7 is not an e-mail client. It is an operating system.

    How do you have different accounts using the same address? Are you leaving
    a copy on the server so other accounts can download the same messages?
    Bruce Hagen, Jan 5, 2010
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  3. Frustrated with W7

    amandalmoore Guest

    I am having the same problem. I also recently installed Windows 7 and had to
    change my email from Windows Mail to Windows Live desktop. Please let me
    know if you figure out what is wrong. I never had this problem before.

    I receive some emails but not others. Like you, I have had people send the
    same message to me at the address I use on Windows Live desktop (my work
    email address) and also at a separate personal email address. I am not
    receiving all of the messages on Windows Live. I am finding this incredibly
    frustrating and have already missed some important emails -- I'm just hoping
    I haven't missed any others.
    amandalmoore, Jan 16, 2010
  4. Frustrated with W7

    Ron Sommer Guest

    I am not trying to offend, but you post a reply to a 10 day old thread
    saying that you have the same problem. The first poster gave very few
    details and never answered any questions.

    To avoid confusion, the program is Windows Live Mail (WLMail).

    What type of account is it, pop, imap, or http?
    How often do you check for messages?
    Do you leave WLMail running all day?
    Do you have anti-virus or spam programs checking the email?
    Ron Sommer, Jan 16, 2010
  5. Well I got a similar issue and I will gladly answer any questions you have.
    Here is my scenario.....
    I have 4 seperate email accounts. They are POP accounts. I have WLM
    running all day and it sync mail every 5 minutes. I moved frequency of sync
    and it did not help. I noticed right away that I was not receiving all my
    emails. I would say I am receiving 85% of all email traffic. I disabled
    junk mail filters and any other filter I can find. I am missing important
    emails from clients, friends and family and total strangers (lead emails).
    ANy ideas? My computer is new and SOny says it is MS fault and MS says it is
    a SOny issue since it is under warranty. I just want the problem solved. I
    miss OE! Please help.
    Frustrated Windows Mail Live user, Jan 19, 2010
  6. Are these the same mail account you used in OE and/or Vista Windows Mail
    (WM)? (One place you mention Windows Mail, and another OE).

    Are these same accounts being accessed by any other PC, device (e.g.
    smart phone) or mail program?

    Who is the mail service provider?

    Have you used to mail service provider to check if the messages are in
    any other folders on the server? Is there any spam filtering enabled on
    the server?


    Mike -

    "Frustrated Windows Mail Live user" <Frustrated Windows Mail Live
    > wrote in message
    Michael Santovec, Jan 20, 2010
  7. Frustrated with W7

    Ron Sommer Guest

    Did you increase the mail check interval to 10 minutes? I would not go less
    than 5 minutes.
    Are you virus-scanning email? What program?
    Ron Sommer
    MS MVP-Mail

    "Frustrated Windows Mail Live user" <Frustrated Windows Mail Live
    > wrote in message
    Ron Sommer, Jan 20, 2010
  8. Frustrated with W7

    kdjmy7 Guest

    ugh i have the same problem the reason i found this thread. ordinarily i
    recieve 100 or so emails per day. since adding all my pop accounts into
    windows live mail and synchronizing, i am getting about 5 emails a day. and
    worst part i cant go and get them from gmail hotmail and such because they
    are being dumped into windows live mail. I am very upset. I need my emails.
    and i dont know how to get the windows help desk or support either. If
    anyone knows it would help a lot. Also how did you turn off junk filters.
    It is putting good email into the junk. I have sent my self several emails
    to test and only about half of them show up.
    kdjmy7, Jan 31, 2010
  9. Frustrated with W7

    ...winston Guest

    For Hotmail and Gmail...
    Set your junk filtering in the web interface...they take precedent over WLM
    In both, ensure that legitimate email senders are in your address book *or* (not and) safe listed.
    Once configured...set the WLM junk filter to low or medium.

    Instead of pop3, consider using http for Hotmail and IMAP for Gmail if you wish to have the same messages in both places

    Before anyone can 'know'...please provide additional information...
    Pop3, Http, or IMAP protocol in use for Hotmail or Gmail or any other account
    - Do not post your email address.
    ...winston, Feb 1, 2010
  10. Are you sure the other two (Blackberry and OE) are configured to
    leave a copy of messages on the server?

    Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

    "ed fromohio" wrote in message
    I am having this same issue. I have several domains that windows live is supposed to go into and download the messages. They are
    pop3. They go to my laptop, blackberry, and home comp with OE. However, my blackberry and home get them but my laptop misses many
    of the important emails.

    Very frustrating as many of these are customers or even new potential customers and is causing a loss of income. The solution is
    not to make sure that they are added to my address book because some are potential customers who have found me on the internet so
    I don't even know who they are...

    I have all spam filters off, I have everything set to No or the lowest filtering in each individual account and on WinLive.

    Outlook express was so much better.
    Gary VanderMolen, Dec 2, 2010
    richard.conradi, Jan 20, 2014
  12. I use Windows 7 64 bit and Windows Live Mail (WLM). I have set mail settings to POP3 and get my emails from my Google Mail account. I have also got anApple iPad mini and an Apple iPhone which also get my email from the same gmail account. I have set WLM to keep a copy of message on server for 10 days. I was very happy when using Outlook Express on my old PC and have been happy until 2 weeks ago with WLM - any emails sent to me were received on all 3 devices. But now some of my emails are not being received on WLM but are on my Apple devices. VERY frustrating. What can I do?
    richard.conradi, Jan 20, 2014
  13. Frustrated with W7

    StephenB Guest

    Check your Apple device settings to insure that they are leaving messages on the
    I don't know about the Apple devices, but WLMail can be set to use IMAP for
    Google email accounts which synchronizes the message store.

    StephenB, Jan 21, 2014

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  15. All Apple devices provide the option (for POP3) accounts to 'Leave the
    messages on the server' until deleted or 'x' number of days. Look in
    the email account's settings.

    Optionally as other's have noted..WLM provides IMAP for Gmail accounts.
    Likewise Apple devices do to allowing all devices to mirror folders and
    messages across email client and devices.
    ...winston‫, Jan 23, 2014
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