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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Nick Starkey, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Nick Starkey

    Nick Starkey Guest

    Loaded IE7 yesterday but reverted to IE6 today. IE7 is not a step forward as
    far as I'm concerned.

    I'm happy to have the icons at the top of the screen streamlined and
    sensibly repositioned but IE7 presents a muddled solution. I like to use
    tabs. But the more I have open the less of the toolbar to the right is
    visible. In the absence of the menu toolbar (which I have opted to do without
    in the interest of uncluttering the interface) I'd prefer to see all of these
    toolbar icons on the screen and not have them substituted by two arrows.

    The positioning of the toolbars cannot be overridden by the user - a feature
    available in all other Microsoft packages - forcing me to accept toolbar
    layouts which does not meet my needs. I'd rather have the toolbar to the
    right of the tabs totally separate and with the option to position it
    wherever I choose (within reason). Similarly for the address bar and the
    Refresh and Stop icons.

    I don't like the softening (anti-aliasing?) of the web page contents. Having
    spent hundreds of pounds on spectacles to correct my short-sightedness it all
    seems a waste of time when the web pages appear so hazy in IE7. And no, it
    isn't my VDU either!

    Arguably not Microsoft's fault, my BT Broadband software is not compatible
    with IE7 producing an error message on startup. In the end I had to remove BT
    Broadband Desktop Help.

    Finally, I opened IE7 this morning and after a short while the programme
    froze. Not sure whether this is due to further compatibility issues with BT
    Broadband or not. But I just want a program which does what it says on the
    tin and not have to get used to a new interface for software which doesn't
    seem to do the job as well as its predecessor. And with a wife who is much
    less forgiving of quirky software than I, I have had no choice but to revert
    to old faithful - IE6 (Note: I am not "having a dig" at IE7 because I prefer
    third party alternatives but because it does not live up to my expectations.)

    Nick Starkey
    Nick Starkey, Nov 3, 2006
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  2. Nick Starkey

    MicroFox Guest

    I am wondering what microsoft and the MVPs have to say with all these

    they seem to ignore them , or say.. hey it works great for me, therefore its
    your fault you dont like it...


    I can vote for IE7 as the worst browser ever....

    even worse than netscape 6.. because although that was crappy, it didnt
    effect too many people, since there was ie4 to work with...
    MicroFox, Nov 3, 2006
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  3. Nick Starkey

    Charlie Guest

    I don't like the position of the file menu. It appears underneath the menus
    when you show it. And you cannot move it to the top. The whole point of
    Microsoft and everything being easy was that it conformed to the same format.
    File menu goes on top when it's there. I don't mind it being removable, but
    it should still be on toop when you put it in. I went back to IE6.
    Charlie, Nov 3, 2006
  4. Nick Starkey

    HILLnSUE Guest

    HILLnSUE, Nov 3, 2006
  5. Nick Starkey

    HILLnSUE Guest

    Please Help Me!
    Nick Starkey wrote that "yesterday he loaded IE7, but today reverted to
    IE6." That is exactly what I want to do, and probably is very simple, but as
    stupid as it sounds, How do you do that. IE7 just flat out does not work for
    HILLnSUE, Nov 3, 2006
  6. Nick Starkey

    MicroFox Guest

    Even without installing any add-ons, you can use the following tweaks to
    adjust IE to taste...
    UI Tweaks

    You can force IE7's menu bar to the Top (or undo). Requires restart.
    You can hide IE7's search box (or undo). Requires restart.
    Want to have CTRL+Tab go to the most recent tab, and to go back to the prior
    tab when closing a tab? Click the Use most recent order when switching tabs
    option on the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced dialog.
    MicroFox, Nov 3, 2006
  7. Nick Starkey

    Freshbru Guest

    I agree with you all, IE7 should be far more customisable, with this being
    the Vista release it sure LOOKS a lot prettier but lacks the simple
    cutomisation features that, for example, the Office suite has (menus, toolbar
    etc..). However, I like the tabbed browsing. BUT when a new window is
    created through a javascript popup, IE7 should give you the choice whether to
    create a new instance of IE or use the existing one and open a new tab.
    Isn't this the whole point of tabbed browsing? Less Taskbar clutter, less
    memory usage? Oh, and the pop-up blocker STILL doesn't work. Try going to and you'll see what I mean. Uninvited IQ test

    I am having an IE7 experience at work and an IE6 one at home. I can't for
    the life of me get the damn set up on my home pc. I have tried ALL the
    suggestions on the MS kb db. I mean ALL of them. I've given up. Oh, and
    thanks a lot MS for using up about 30% of my download limit. Each time I
    tried to install IE7 the setup would download the SAME files over and over,
    then have the unistaller delete all the downloaded updates! Bad & illogical

    I'll stick with IE6 until all of the above are fixed.

    Life your game MS.
    Freshbru, Nov 3, 2006
  8. start > control panel > add or remove programs > find and select IE7 >
    click the remove button > click the OK button. IE6 should be restored.
    Michael Jennings, Nov 3, 2006
  9. Sandi - Microsoft MVP, Nov 3, 2006
  10. Nick Starkey

    HILLnSUE Guest

    "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" Michael. I got rid of IE7, and IE6 is back and working
    just fine. Thanks!
    HILLnSUE, Nov 3, 2006
  11. Nick Starkey

    HILLnSUE Guest

    Michael, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH", I got rid of IE7, and got my ol' reliable IE6
    back, working fine. Thanks Again!
    HILLnSUE, Nov 3, 2006
  12. I too installed IE7 today. It only lasted half an hour and I was back to
    IE6. I have the menu bar on top and then on the second line I have the icons
    I use regularly (including a direct link to the history), the URL, and the
    links bar. Two lines of the browser used. I can't get this from IE7. I
    don't like tabbed browsing but can turn that off and I don't mind it being
    there for those of you that like it but I can't get everything I like on two
    lines and some things I can't get at all. There is no history icon to add
    for direct access to history without cliking the favorites. I can't get rid
    of the search bar (saw the post about the tweak but shouldn't this be a
    customizing option?) All in all, I have a cleaning look and larger browsing
    window with IE6 than I can get with IE7. Hopefully 6 continue to work and if
    7 is required to go to Vista, I'll stick with XP Pro.
    George Slater, Nov 3, 2006
  13. Nick Starkey

    ynotrelwof Guest

    Fine, but as a complete novice how do I reinstall IE6. I cannot remember, or
    find it, when I installed it in system restore. All the dates I have chosen
    system restore will not allow the restoration. Can you help
    ynotrelwof, Nov 10, 2006
  14. Nick Starkey

    Jack Ryan Guest

    Control panel | Add or Remove Programs | Windows Internet Explorer | remove
    Jack Ryan, Nov 10, 2006
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