"Not running on supported OS" on Vista??

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by Hopefully-Soon-To-Be-Happy-Vista-User, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. I'm getting the..

    "You are not running on a supported operating system. Please see Microsoft
    Virtual PC help for the list of supported host operating systems.
    Virtual PC might run on other operating systems, but these configurations
    will not be supported by Microsoft Product Support Services."

    .... when I start Virtual PC SP1 for 32kb Vista (I never installed it before

    However I am running a fully updated legally bought version of Vista Premuim
    32kb, and I've never before experienced a similar situation like this.

    The problem results in a error during startup of a virtual machine
    When I try to run Virtual PC when it gets stuck at "Client MAC ADDR: xx xx
    xx xx xx xx GUID: xxxxxx-xx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxx (I'ved x'ed the numbers and so on
    because I assume it might be hazadous to post)

    It times out after a few mins and says "no bootfilename received"

    It says "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Inster Boot Media in
    selected Boot device"

    Please are there anyone who can assist me? - I cannot see what I have done
    wrong, not does it appear that other threads have posted similar problems.
    Hopefully-Soon-To-Be-Happy-Vista-User, Oct 11, 2008
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