*!NOT your usual Vista Password Problem - Incorrect Password even every time even after resetting

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by fvuong, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. fvuong

    fvuong Guest

    Hi There Experts and Gurus,

    I've been doing Windows Tech Support for 5 years and I have never ran
    into a problem like this. Hope some one can help:

    Background: I know how to reset (to blank) my Windows Password using
    third party software, password reset disc. I AM NOT ASKING for help in
    logging into windows because I can always reset the password to blank
    and get in.

    So here's the "symptoms", hope some body can determine the "problem"
    and provide a "cure" not merely a temporary "treatment.

    1. User (admin) account has password. Password has NOT been changed.
    Or password has JUST been changed and we KNOW what it is. Suddenly,
    after logging out or restarting computer, we cannot log in again. You
    get the usual Password incorrect message. Vista Home Premium even shows
    the password hint. Yet it will not take the "correct" password.

    2. In order to login, I have to "reset" the password, using various
    methods that are floating around on the internet. The process works
    ONLY by "blanking" the password. So I can log into Windows...don't give
    me solution on how to log into windows, please.

    3. Once logged into windows, I go about creating a password. I log
    out, then try to log back in with that password....and guest what
    "Windows does not recognize it". Neither old or new password works.

    3a. So I go thru the password reset methods again, blanking it, and I
    am able to log in using the blank pw.

    3b. I go and create NEW USER. If the NEW USER has BLANK password, I
    can login with no problem. But if I set a password for the new user
    account or any account, windows will not recognize the password again.

    So does any one see the picture here? I don't have problem getting
    into my windows because I know how to reset the password by blanking

    My problem is I DO WANT TO SECURE IT WITH A PASSWORD. But by putting
    on a password, Windows does not recognize the password afterward to
    allow access. This problem happens consistently every time a password
    is created.

    So the Solution I am looking for is a FIX, a one-time CURE, to the
    password problem, so that I do not have to do the password reset every
    single time.

    In other word, SECURITY is an important issue to me, so having a
    "blank" password is NOT and OPTION.

    Why does the password not get recognized? Does it get corrupted some
    how? What are the fixes?

    Too many experts out there are focusing on the "temporary treatment" by
    telling people how to hack and crack and reset their password, but when
    the problem reoccurs repeated, no one seems to have an answer to a
    reliable fix.

    My greatest respect to all the gurus out there and all the people who
    are offering advices and answers. Please consider this a "challenge"
    for the experts! :)
    fvuong, Dec 11, 2008
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  2. fvuong

    ewastudent Guest

    there is only one solution to this, buy a mac
    ewastudent, Dec 11, 2008
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  3. fvuong

    Jimmy Brush Guest


    The first thing I would try is to click the blue accessibility button on the
    welcome screen and select type without the keyboard. Then, use the onscreen
    keyboard to type the password. The keyboard format of the welcome may have
    been changed to a non-QWERTY keyboard.

    - JB
    Jimmy Brush, Dec 12, 2008
  4. fvuong

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Are you doing this on a laptop? Does the laptop sometimes have another
    keyboard hooked up but you are now using the laptop keyboard? Check that the
    numlock is not active. If you have the numlock active on an external
    keyboard then reboot without the external keyboard with some laptops this
    leaves numlock active. This makes some keys numbers instead of letters i.e
    u=4 i=5 o-6 etc. Once you logon the numlock is turned off. Because you can't
    see the characters you type in the logon screen you don't know if they are
    what you expect when you press a key.

    Kerry Brown
    MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Systems Administration
    Kerry Brown, Dec 12, 2008
  5. fvuong

    GTS Guest

    I've seen repeated password problems a few times (though not quite as
    consistent as you report) when bad sectors were impacting the registry. You
    might run chkdsk /r or the manufacturers drive diagnostic to check for, or
    at least eliminate, this possibility.
    GTS, Dec 14, 2008
  6. fvuong

    rastus Guest

    Not an expert by any means but I know what you are talking about, have you
    experienced any other symptoms like the system wont access updates?

    If so there could be a problem with missing files in the registry or missing
    file names which apparently tells Vista where to look for stuff,
    it would appear to me that some files we download cause vista to loose its
    registry configuration.

    So just possibly there is no file there to tell Vista where to look for the
    password, suggest get one machine by its self reload vista and see if that
    machine has the same problem, having similar problems with vista and when
    you look around so are a lot of other users, are you able to get automatic

    rastus, Dec 29, 2008
  7. fvuong

    slacka_vt Guest

    Same exact problem here. This was fresh install of Vista and was no
    able to log on with correct password. I gave Vista the benefit of th
    doubt and reinstalled the OS. Still would not take the password
    created. I work in an IT department so I have installed hundreds upo
    hundreds of O/S's and have never once seen anything like this !
    slacka_vt, Jan 12, 2009
  8. fvuong

    slacka_vt Guest

    From a tip I read on the other thread regarding this matter,
    reinstalled Vista onto a brand new Hard Drive and it fixed the problem
    It seems a bad Hard Drive was the culprit after all !! How odd
    slacka_vt, Jan 12, 2009
  9. fvuong

    Munchmouth Guest

    I have a similar problem, I renamed the administrator to my name.
    then setup 2 other accounts for my wife and kids. I password protecte
    My account and My wifes. Now when I boot I get "incorrect name o
    password" message. I can select ok, but when I do I have the option t
    enter password or select other user. When I select other user I see
    icons available 2 are the same name(mine) and icon. I can choose eithe
    icon and input my password. I log in and then can logout and switc
    users. When I switch users there are only 3 user accounts now. If
    disable passwords on all accounts it will auto login to my accoun
    without hitting selection screen. I would opt for no password, but i
    doesn't help, I don't want my wife and kids to have to log out of m
    acccount everytime they boot the system, to get to their account. Doe
    this make sense

    Anyone ever had this problem
    It's not life or death just annoying

    Munchmouth, Feb 5, 2009
  10. fvuong

    Brink Guest

    Hello Munchmouth,

    Check to see if you have automatic log on turned on. If you do, then
    just turn it off.


    Hope this helps,


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask
    '*Windows 7 Forums*'
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*'
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Feb 5, 2009
  11. fvuong

    Munchmouth Guest

    I will try this and thanks
    Munchmouth, Feb 5, 2009
  12. fvuong

    Munchmouth Guest

    Thanks Brink, It worked I was able to rename my account to Admin. now
    can set up my own user account. I appreciate your time and fo
    answering my question so quickly
    Munchmouth, Feb 6, 2009
  13. fvuong

    Brink Guest

    You're welcome Munchmouth. I'm happy to hear that you got it sorted



    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask
    '*Windows 7 Forums*'
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*'
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Feb 6, 2009
  14. fvuong

    kvebay Guest

    Dear Experts and Gurus

    I have a slightly different problem to the first poster on this threa
    and I am hoping you can help. Most of it is the same except that
    CANNOT even login (in Normal Mode) using a blank password which th
    first poster could do

    I use an HP Pavillion dv6675us notebook and Windows Vista Ultimate x64
    I am not an expert but I am reasonably proficient.

    Here are the symptoms and some workarounds I have tried to no avail

    1. My User account has a password. Password has NOT been changed.
    Or password has JUST been changed and we KNOW what it is. Suddenly
    after logging out last night and restarting computer today, I CANNO
    log in again.
    get the usual Password incorrect message. Vista Ultimate even show
    the password hint. Yet it will not take the "correct" password

    2. The only way to login is to go into SAFE MODE and enter using m
    password. So the same password works in SAFE MODE, but it does not wor
    in Normal Mode. Even changing the password does not enable me to logi
    in Normal mode

    The process does not even work if I blank the password via SAFE MOD
    and try and login via Windows Normal mode

    3. In SAFE Mode I created a new account without a password (blank) bu
    that does not work either

    3a. If I go and create NEW USER account. If the NEW USER has BLAN
    password still does not go past the welcome screen to login to windows
    If the New User has a password, windows does NOT recognize the passwor

    4. I have tried to click the blue accessibility button on the welcom
    screen and select type without the keyboard. Then, I used the onscree
    keyboard to type the password. This did not work either

    In Summary the only way for me to access the computer is via SAFE MODE
    I cannot access Windows in Normal mode even when I set up new USER wit
    blank password, but I can access that same new user with a blan
    password under SAFE MODE

    Can anyone help me to access windows under normal conditions please?
    would appreciate if any Expert or Guru can set out a SOLUTION tha

    I have never come across this problem before and would reall
    appreciate some help

    Thank you in advance
    kvebay, Feb 22, 2009
  15. fvuong

    Brink Guest

    Hello Kvebay,

    You might give Method Three a try in this tutorial to see if it can
    reset your password for you so you can gain access again.


    Hope this helps,


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask
    '*Windows 7 Forums*'
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*'
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Feb 22, 2009
  16. fvuong

    kvebay Guest

    Thanks for your prompt response Brink - a couple of questions before
    try it -
    -From method 3 which option would you use 1) or 2)
    -Are both methods safe

    Would you have any idea why I can login in via SAFE MODE using th
    password but CANNOT do it on normal Windows, and can't even log in wit
    password blanked? What is the issue behind this problem ? Why does i

    kvebay, Feb 22, 2009
  17. fvuong

    Brink Guest


    Both options are safe. They are just different programs to use to d
    the same thing

    It's hard to say what may have caused it since it is usually differen
    reasons per person. I would say it could be user profile corruption
    changed user folder name, change password, etc....


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not as
    '*Windows 7 Forums*
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Feb 22, 2009
  18. fvuong

    kvebay Guest


    Thanks again for your reply. Only problem is both blank DVDs I hav
    are corrupt -Damn! :) Have to wait till tomorrow to get new ones

    IF this solution doesn't work - then what would you suggest to do

    Cheers mat
    kvebay, Feb 22, 2009
  19. fvuong

    Brink Guest

    LOL, that's about how it goes. ;

    If it still does not help, then you might do a System Restore using
    restore point dated when you knew it was working just fine to see if i
    can help instead



    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not as
    '*Windows 7 Forums*
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Feb 22, 2009
  20. fvuong

    kvebay Guest

    Thanks Brink,

    I'll try it once I get new CDs tomorrow.

    btw this is the reply I got from HP tech support:

    -That is a very unusual problem, one I've never heard of before either.
    Do you have the original OS install disks? If you do, is there a
    function to "repair" your installation like there was in XP? Clearly
    something in the OS has become corrupted and a reinstall of the OS may
    be the only answer. Clearly you are able to access the machine through
    safe mode to back up any data you have on the machine. It may be lots of
    work, but resetting the machine to factory new may be your best

    Rather extreme don't you think? :confused:
    kvebay, Feb 22, 2009
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