NT Backup - Blank Error Message generating ASR set

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Chris Tilley - HPC:Factor, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. I cannot find any reference to a similar error on the newsgroup here, MSKB
    or Google. Hopefully I am not missing something too obvious.

    I needed a quick system backup so ran the full system backup to with ASR
    through the backup simple wizard. The tape backup went fine, and the prompt
    to enter a blank formatted 1.44MB Floppy poped up. Giving it what it asks
    for, it churns the drive for a second or two and pops up a completely blank
    error message as per:


    Clicking 'Retry' chugs the disk cylinder again and back comes the "message".
    I have tried several different blank disks, and Windows is fully able to
    read from, write to, format and generally access the floppy drive.

    Has anyone seen this before? I would welcome any thoughts towards a

    The system:
    2003 Standard
    x86 (2 processors)
    Fully patched & activated
    Dell PowerEdge 2400

    Many thanks

    Chris Tilley - HPC:Factor, Aug 4, 2007
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  2. A quick update on this one.

    I have re-run the backup set, with verification which has passed. The
    'blank' error message is still persisting after the request to enter the
    floppy disk.


    Chris Tilley - HPC:Factor, Aug 5, 2007
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