NT Backup wizard cannot detect my backup device

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Ain'tSoBad, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Ain'tSoBad

    Ain'tSoBad Guest

    I want to use NT Backup to run some occasional and perhaps permanent backup
    jobs depending on the performance and integrity results. However when I try
    to run the NT Backup wizard to option to use my tape device is not an option
    because SBS apparently cannot find a tape device. I have a ADIC Fastor2
    8-tape Auto Loader with a Quantum SDLT 160/320 tape drive that is attached
    to my SBS server. The Tape device is attached to a SCSL card. This device is
    fully functional. I can see the device in Device Manager so it does appear
    SBS knows about it. Question..........

    How can I get NT Backup to recognize the tape device?
    Ain'tSoBad, Feb 13, 2009
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  2. Ain'tSoBad

    Ain'tSoBad Guest

    Hi Russ,
    thanks for the input. Yes the tape drive does work with a third party
    software (Arcserve BrightStor) but am currently having issues with the
    software. I am going to reinstall the software over the weekend but was
    hoping I can get a full backup tonight. The device was never seen using the
    SBS wizard which is my issue.
    Ain'tSoBad, Feb 13, 2009
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  3. Ain'tSoBad

    Ain'tSoBad Guest

    BrightStor ran well on my SBS 2003 server for years. recently I have had
    network disconnect problems and have been trying to troubleshoot the
    problem. I couldn't figure out exactly what the issues were that caused the
    backup to lose the network connection so I pin pointed the time frame and
    have some ideas as to what the cause may be. So instead of trying to resolve
    those issues I decided to remove and reinstall Arcserve BrightStor. Stupid
    move on my part as now I am having a few minor issues that I'm sure I'll get
    resolved shortly. I have misplaced the media version upgrade and have
    contacted CA who will be sending me new media for my version upgrade. Until
    then I want to use NT Backup over the weekend to do a full backup.
    I am personally opposed to using external devices to do my backups. My 8
    tape auto loader is perfect for me because it only needs to have the tapes
    swapped out once a month and even then I only removed the monthly backup
    tape and keep the three previous weeks backup along with the corresponding
    incremental tape backups. Using an external device requires to much manual
    work for myself and because I have over 5 years worth of archived tapes off
    location it makes no sense for me to switch over now.
    I an all it's really not a biggie for me that NT Backup doesn't recognize my
    backup device because in a week or so I'll be back on track with my auto
    tape reloader. Just bugs the hell out of me why I can't use my tape device
    with NT Backup. Also it would be a great secondary option should me tape
    device ever breakdown.
    Ain'tSoBad, Feb 13, 2009
  4. Not having used autoloaders with SBSBackup you can take this as heresay,

    Googling 'sbsbackup autoloader' sortta confirmed some stuff I thought was

    Functionality will definitely depend on the driver for the device. Check the
    manufacturer for a decent driver.
    SBSBackup won't use it unless NTBackup sees it.
    You need to run through the whole tape set and assign them to the 'free'
    pool. Not sure but I expect you can do this regardless of the backup wiz,
    the fundamental thing from the wiz's view is that it be able to see the tape
    device, it doesn't really care about the current status of any tapes.
    SBSBackup does not process an 'eject' command at the end of backup (I've
    always seen this as a flaw). You will probably need to implement a script to
    move to your next tape, note the time that you schedule backup for and run
    the script a couple of hours (couple of minutes is probably OK, but give RSM
    time to recognise the change) before backup fires off.

    An alternative, should NTBackup see the device but SBSBackup still refuse to
    work with it (a possibility I cannot discount), is to use SBS backup to do
    an 'Exchange only' backup to file (local or network) then we can use the
    task scheduler to perform a full backup to tape at another time. Let me know
    if you need this and I'll attach some recently posted instructions on doing
    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], Feb 13, 2009
  5. Ain'tSoBad

    Ain'tSoBad Guest

    SG thanks for taking the time to provide your input. See inline comments

    The device driver is ok I assume as it does work with my third party
    software (CA Arcserve BrightStor).
    Makes sense and this is my problem. NT Backup doesn't see my tape device.
    Anything else below this line is irrelevent as if NT Backup doesn't see my
    tape device I pretty much can't do anything.
    Ain'tSoBad, Feb 13, 2009
  6. do NOT assume, know. ArcServe is likely using its own driver (or has an
    option to either use its own driver or the windows driver).

    I haven't used a recent version of ArcServe.
    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], Feb 13, 2009
  7. and looking at this (possibly quite old reference to 2000)

    A Tape or Media Changer Driver should not be loaded when using ARCserve.
    ARCserve sends all commands directly to the SCSI Port provided by the SCSI
    or Fibre controller driver. A driver for a tape drive and/or a library
    usually causes problem when they are left loaded.

    In the Windows Device Manager the device has to be disabled and should be
    shown as either crossed out or as unknown. In either case the driver will
    not be loaded. If the device is not disabled, Windows 2000 will
    automatically reload the driver on startup.

    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], Feb 13, 2009
  8. Ain'tSoBad

    Ain'tSoBad Guest

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting SG............. Let ne check this out
    furthur. Thanks.
    Ain'tSoBad, Feb 13, 2009
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