NT4-->W2K3 Upgrade, Domain Change Revisted

Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by Patrick, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Guest

    I did recently post about this, but have since looked over the white paper on
    NT4--2K3 upgrade again and see that during a PDC upgrade it prompts for new
    domain name. Does anyone know if this means that the domain name can be
    changed there? If the name can be changed during upgrade it would save us a
    lot of effort, especially if it is easier to do it there than it is to do it
    after the upgrade (which, from the white papers sounds like a very
    complicated process). Any and all additional info about this is much

    Here's my original post about this:
    We've doing an inplace upgrade of our NT4 domain to AD 2K3. We also need to
    change the domain name at some point. We have the PDC and 3 BDCs, and about
    300 PCs. Can the domain name be changed in NT4? If so, would it still be
    better to upgrade to AD first and then use the rename tool or is it easier in


    Patrick, Oct 11, 2005
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  2. Hi Patrick,

    The domain name can be changed in Windows NT4. We suggest you change domain
    name before upgrade to Windows 2003. Steps as below:

    1. Document and then break all trust relationships between the domain whose
    name you will be changing and all other domains. Be sure to remove the
    trust entry on both sides of the trust (in User Manager for Domains for
    both domains in the trust.)
    2. Stop all BackOffice services such as Exchange, SQL Server, and IIS. Set
    startup to manual on all these services.
    3. Change the domain name on the PDC.
    4. Reboot the PDC. This will cause the <1Bh> entry for the new domain to
    appear in the WINS server.
    5. If you are using WINS for NetBIOS over TCP/IP name resolution, force
    replication from the PDC's primary WINS server to all other WINS servers to
    propagate the <1Bh> entry for the new domain. Name resolution to the PDC
    is necessary for each BDC to successfully change to the new domain name. If
    you are using TCP/IP without using WINS, create an LMHOSTS file with a
    <1Bh> entry for the new domain and put it on each BDC.

    6. On each BDC change the domain name and reboot. The reboot is necessary
    for the BDC to correctly register its <1Ch> entry with WINS.

    If the BDC refuses the domain name change, see:

    Article-ID: Q139471
    Title : Unable to Change Domain Name of Windows NT BDC

    7. Force replication from all WINS servers, to propagate the <1Ch> entry.
    8. Reestablish the trust relationships. Using Server Manager, synchronize
    both domains involved in each trust.
    9. Go into the Services control panel and re-enter the service account for
    each of the BackOffice services that were stopped in step 2. Pick the
    account by using the "..." button rather than typing in the account name.
    Set the services back to Automatic startup, if appropriate. Restart the
    services in the correct order.
    10. Make any necessary service-specific changes.
    11. Change the domain name on each member server or workstation. For
    down-level clients such as Windows 95 or Windows for Workgroups, change the
    workgroup name to the new domain name.
    12. Synchronize the entire domain.

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

    Vincent Xu
    Microsoft Online Partner Support

    Get Secure! - www.microsoft.com/security

    Vincent Xu [MSFT], Oct 12, 2005
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