Odd Printer sharing issues

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Cythrawl, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Cythrawl

    Cythrawl Guest

    Hi all, first post here and hopefully someone can see what Im missing
    here, coz its driving me nuts!!!

    Ok here is the scenario. I have my desktop PC installed with Windows
    Vista Ultimate Ed (32 bit). This PC is hard wired into my WRT54G
    (tomato firmware) router. Connect to this PC I have an Epson CX5000
    printer that is shared on the network. My shareing is password
    protected and the user who needs to connect to my shares is set up on
    Vista also.

    The other PC is a Laptop with Vista Home Premium (32 bit) installed.
    The laptop connects and accesses all shares fine (both read and write)
    and sees my Printer fine. I have set this printer up on the laptop and
    all seems ok.

    Until that is I print from applications on the laptop.
    When I send a print job from say Word, it takes over 5 mins to actually
    start the printer and print. During this time Word goes into (not
    responding) and will stay that way until the print job is complete. Its
    not just word either, tried wordpad, Notepad, IE, and they all take upto
    5 mins to print a single page!.

    I have checked the event logs on my main PC and I dont see anything
    untoward. The computer connects with the right credentials and
    disconnects cleanly. It just takes an age to print a page. This is
    driving my wife nuts (who is the user of the Laptop) as her PC
    basically becomes unresponsive while it does a simple print job.

    Im totally running out of ideas, I have disabled Firewalls, Password
    protected sharing etc, etc and it still does it. I have moved the
    Laptop so its right next to the Router and it still does it (so its not
    a wirless signal issue).

    Copying files is fine to and from the PC's is nice and fast no slow
    downs etc...

    Im tearing out whats remainging of my very thin hair here.... any
    Cythrawl, Apr 14, 2007
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  2. Cythrawl

    Hugh Jass Guest

    Does it matter the SIZE of the print job? SOunds like a printer spool
    setting, as in it is spooling the entire print job before printing. Might
    check into those settings and see if that does it. I know I can send a print
    job to a printer on my sons computer, and even with the printer turned off
    to start, the print job starts printing in about 30 - 40 seconds. Other than
    that, I am not sure.
    Hugh Jass, Apr 16, 2007
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  3. Cythrawl

    harjafsormok Guest

    I think it matters on the size of the doc/pdf etc.. file. As long as th
    printer prints, network settings shouldn't be of any concern. The mor
    pages there are to print, the longer the printer will take to start th
    printing process

    The "Not responding" error is strange though.. :huh
    harjafsormok, Jan 14, 2009
  4. Cythrawl

    jatork Guest

    -Had the same issues, me and HP "deep" support tore out hair trying to
    understand it. They're still looking, but I found a kludge:-

    -On the laptop I added the "server" (the desktop) name and IP address
    to my etc\hosts file. Now the 1st opening after a boot of the laptop
    is slow (maybe 30 seconds) then everything thereafter runs just like a
    direct connect. -
    jatork, May 7, 2009
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