OEM xp64 v. Trial xp64 ?

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Soma11, May 21, 2005.

  1. Soma11

    Soma11 Guest

    I know one is the OS for OEM systems and the other is the time limited
    trial. I am running the OEM ver., but ordered the trial cd to see what it
    looked like.

    After reading the docs for the trial, I decided not to install it as I
    feared messing up my working OEM ver. Sometimes, curiosity kills the cat.

    Is there any difference between the two, any new goodies in one over the
    other? Should I just wait on my OEM ver. for the updates that will soon be
    Soma11, May 21, 2005
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  2. The only the goodies in the trial is bomb that expires in 180days. Stick
    with the "Full" OEM version.
    Andre Da Costa, May 21, 2005
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  3. They have exactly the same functionality - except the Trial Version will
    expire. And you should be able to do an "in place upgrade" to the OEM version
    from the trial version once your OEM version arrives. So you can wait, or you
    can install the trial version and do the upgrade to the full version when it
    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 21, 2005
  4. Soma11

    russ_will Guest

    why would you want to try the trial version when you got the full oem version
    , seems odd to me
    russ_will, May 22, 2005
  5. Thats the exact same thing I'm saying Russ. The only surprise in the Trial
    version is a time bomb.
    Andre Da Costa, May 22, 2005
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