OfflineUpdates.dat (was: WMP 11 Doesn't Acknowledge File-Name Chan

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by OldFangle, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. OldFangle

    OldFangle Guest

    Thank you, zachd [MSFT], for the earlier advice. I tried several times to
    reply to you in the previous thread and I just got the same read-page, no way
    to send a reply, so I'm doing it this way.
    I followed the path outlined in the how-to document you provided, to where I
    would find "OfflineUpdates.dat", but the file doesn't exist in Application
    Data\Microsoft\Media Player\ on my machine.
    I compose music, and often change the names of work files. I'm not a
    commercial artist, and I don't upload track information to any metadatabase.
    I created "OfflineUpdates.dat" in hopes that I can keep my work files updated
    that way.
    I'll keep reading that how-to guide, in search of information about what
    kind of syntax to use inside that file. If you have any further information
    along those lines, I'll be glad to get it.
    Thanks for your time!
    OldFangle, Mar 24, 2009
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