Oh my God i am going crazy my windows vista keeps crashing

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by kavor, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. kavor

    kavor Guest

    hi everyone
    i have a Toshiba Satellite a205-s4577

    i used spinrite on this its not the hard drive
    i changed the ram to a different properly paired 1gb system and a
    properly paired 2gb system

    nothing works

    the system starts in safe mode superfine no problems.
    the system starts in regular mode just fine also. HOWEVER after 20
    seconds it goes blue screen. memory dump. i went in and started the
    system in safe mode it said the system crashed because of some temp
    files according to the crash report. it was an xml file and a dll. i
    did disk clean up. i restarted. same think after 20 seconds the system
    goes blue screen
    of course the next thing i tried was start in last known good config.
    nothing. this is when i started to mess with the ram. before i got the
    damb thing and ripped it a new one. i said maybe i can help myself by
    doing msconfig and removing everything from start up. i did it,
    prompted me for a restart. i did and still no good.
    don't tell me please don't tell me the mobo is going bad. i hate
    changing those things.

    ohh while im here.
    how do i do a fit boot i did it in xp and it did wonders all the time
    i haven't needed it for windows 7 i don't use vista but i imagine
    vista and 7 are the same thing and i don't know how to access it.
    they system tried to initiate it by itself but that doesn't work.
    i mean was is so bad when you put the disk in and typed help and you
    read everything you needed and got what you needed done; that we
    needed to change this to the current system where we're left without

    kavor, Feb 1, 2012
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  2. Who told you to run SpinRite ?
    Use the hard disk manufacturer's diagnostic.

    Who told you to play with the RAM ?
    What is the TOTAL RAM in this Vista notebook ?

    What is the BSoD condition NT Stop Error ?

    Why can't you write a proper sentence which begins in a capital letter, not small case,
    but you can write the word F**K in all capital letters ?
    While I am at it, why are you using Google Groups ? Use a NNTP client to access the group
    from your Charter account.
    I hate it when people can't write properly.
    How can anyone tell you the "motherboard" is going bad when you fail to even provide the
    NT Stop Error.

    Based upon what I read here....

    Wipe the disk and reinstall the OS of choice from scratch.
    David H. Lipman, Feb 1, 2012
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  3. kavor

    totfit Guest

    Maybe there is a clue here. Have you done a memory test?
    totfit, Feb 4, 2012
  4. kavor

    kavor Guest

    Hi sorry.
    no one told me to change anything. its just things i did to see what
    is wrong.
    Its not the ram its not the hard drive.
    This laptop is powering on now but i don't see anything on the screen.
    Anything means anything stays black no POST no anything.

    The default ram is 1gb ddr2 2x512mb
    NT stop error i don't know can't see anything.
    NNTP i don't know what the hell that is.
    of course i used the system tests first. i didn't think ti mention it.
    i'm gana ripe it apart and see what is going on.
    kavor, Feb 13, 2012
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