Omission from Vista help about need for LLTD on XP network compute

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Steve66, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Steve66

    Steve66 Guest

    Why doesn't Vista network help include any mention of the need for LLTD
    download KB article 922120) on XP computers to be discovered on Vista
    newtwork map??!! I'm sure that most new Vista users also have XP computers on
    their network . The Vista network help talks at length about XP computer
    networking issues, so why this critical oversight? I wasted hours on this
    stupid problem, and I'm sure thousands of other users have as well. It's
    just totally disrespectful of Microsoft to their customers.
    Steve66, Mar 20, 2008
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  2. Steve66

    RalfG Guest

    There is a link to that KB article and file download in Vista Help and
    Support, topic heading "Troubleshoot problems with computers not appearing
    on the network map", subtopic "A computer or device does not show up on the
    network map".
    "The computer is running Windows XP and the LLTD protocol is not installed.
    Before a computer running Windows XP can be detected and appear on the
    network map, you need to install the LLTD protocol on that computer. For
    more information, go to Network Map Does Not Display Computers Running
    Windows XP on the Microsoft website."

    The same is also accessible via clicking the link on the network map page -
    "Why are some computers or devices missing?"
    RalfG, Mar 20, 2008
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  3. Steve66

    Steve66 Guest

    Dear RalfG:
    You misquoted a key word in the help entry. It's not THE computer (see
    asterisks), it's YOUR computer. The computer not mapping properly is not
    running XP and therefore this suggestion is not seen to apply. Remember,
    it's preceded by by suggestion "Your computer is running Vista and LLTD is
    disabled" which also does not apply. The accuracy of a single word can be
    critically important when in a troubleshooting scenario and one must narrow
    down from many choices to ones which apply to your situation. It also does
    not make clear that unlike the first 3 suggestions which require an erroneous
    setting made by the user, the vast majority of XP installations will not have
    the LLTD protocol available because a separate effort must be made to
    download it (why doesn't MS include it in one of the voluminous updates?)
    Are you associated in any way with Microsoft? The misquote is suspicious.
    Steve66, Mar 21, 2008
  4. Steve66

    RalfG Guest

    Sorry but I cut and pasted exactly what it says in Help and Support so that
    no misquote would be possible. It's there for anyone to read so I can't see
    why you'd bother to claim otherwise.

    Any XP computer not running LLTD will not show up in Vista's network map,
    that is the gist of what Help says. It includes a link to download the
    necessary file.

    Feeble attempt to CYA.

    RalfG, Mar 22, 2008
  5. Steve66

    Steve66 Guest

    In my Vista OEM version it definitely says "YOUR computer" not "THE
    computer". That makes the "gist" as you put it, entirely different -
    pointing to the lack of LLTD on the mapping computer.
    You pointedly did not answer the question about any Microsoft affiliation.
    Steve66, Mar 23, 2008
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