One thing, and then another, and another . . .

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by kysuzie, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. kysuzie

    kysuzie Guest

    I'd just like to say I miss OE.
    kysuzie, Aug 11, 2007
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  2. kysuzie

    Stan Nelson Guest

    Outlook Express 6 just does a good, solid, plainJane e-mail job. I'll keep
    using it until WLM does a better job, with or without its Vista look.

    Stan Nelson.
    Stan Nelson, Aug 11, 2007
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  3. Until the one day it decides to sent your data to Nirwana. <g>

    It's funny to notice how people get all sentimental about the past once it
    *is* the past. ;-)

    That said, what issues do you have with WLMail in the email area?

    Roland Bierlein, Aug 11, 2007
  4. kysuzie

    N. Miller Guest

    I don't. For one thing, I don't (and won't ever) have Windows Vista, so MSOE
    is still around. For another thing, it is not my default mailer. I just keep
    it around for attempting to recreate faults when MSOE users ask about how to
    fix one of the many problems which MSOE can cause.

    Using MSOE on the Internet is like driving your great-grandaddy's Model T
    Ford on a freeway...
    N. Miller, Aug 11, 2007
  5. I've never had OE malfunction on me.
    But I was careful not to use system folders for mass storage of saved emails.
    Gary VanderMolen, Aug 11, 2007
  6. kysuzie

    kysuzie Guest

    Funny, I never had the first problem with OE until Live Mail came along -
    since then I've tried anything and everything but haven't been able to get it
    back, and that's my XP Pro machine. I also seriously botched up Outlook 2003
    with Outlook Connector on that machine.
    kysuzie, Aug 12, 2007
  7. kysuzie

    N. Miller Guest

    When I installed Windows Live Mail desktop on my Windows MCE 2005 computer,
    the MS Outlook Express 6 shortcuts were deleted; but not MS Outlook Express
    6, itself. Restoring MSOE was just a matter of creating new shortcuts. When
    I upgraded from WLMd (8.0.1226) to WLMail (12.0.1184), I don't recall if I
    had to go through that exercise again, or not. Neither installation removed
    MSOE, though; MSOE remained on the computer.

    Windows MCE 2005 is based on Windows XP Pro.
    N. Miller, Aug 12, 2007
  8. Buenos días: *Gary VanderMolen* escribió:
    Nor had I, Gary, but that's just like those (few ;-) ) people saying
    they had never issues with Norton or McAfee. <g>

    Roland Bierlein, Aug 12, 2007
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