Organize the DVD Library in Vista Media Center

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by dOinK, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. dOinK

    dOinK Guest

    In Windows XP MCE 2005 the DVD library could be organized in user specified
    folders, e.g. enabling separate folders for self-made DVDs, another for
    children's movies, yet another containing music DVDs, aso. (I'm referring to
    DVDs stored on one or more hard drives, network folders, etc.)

    I just started using the Windows Media Center in Vista Ultimate, and am
    disappointed to see that all my DVD movies are displayed in a single view in
    the DVD library. This is really inconvenient, since I have a large number of
    movies on my computer.

    So... is there a way to organize the movies in the Vista Media Center's DVD
    library into different categories that can be displayed separately (like
    separate folders)?

    dOinK, Jul 8, 2008
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  2. dOinK

    1972 Guest

    I have searched several forums, but no answer how to solve this. It is really
    a shame that there isn't something to sort them...
    The only thing that is more ore less acceptable for me (for the moment) is
    using the sorting method it is using: the alphabeth. I have renamed the DVD
    folders like:

    Children - Dora
    Children - Tom and Jerry
    Movie - E.T.
    Movie - Star Wars
    Movie - The Usual Suspects
    Music - Madonna
    Music - Depeche Mode

    By doing this my DVD's are grouped in in genre's, but still displayed in a
    single view...
    1972, Aug 20, 2008
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  3. dOinK

    Peter Guest

    you are absolute right. It is a shame not to implement such a simple
    "database" specially when in earlier version they did! Also they did so in
    the Vista versions in the section playing out own videos! So the mechanism is
    still in the product but not availible for TV files an DVD galleries.

    Let´s make a suggestion to Microsoft to fix this "bug" very, very soon.

    Peter, Oct 31, 2008
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