OS: Windows XP is MUCH better than Windows Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by steve, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. steve

    steve Guest

    and here are just a few of the problems that prove this to be very

    1) Incompatibility (Driver/Software handshaking issues)
    Nearly everything ran super smooth in XP from day one
    It was a root canal getting even some of the simplest software to run
    in Vista

    2) Desktop Convolution
    It's a "Muddy appearance." Everything looks the same. You cannot
    easily distinguish if you are looking at a folder or an I-net site.
    It's a horrible experience just looking your screen.

    3) Instability
    XP crashed on me once in over five years.
    Vista crashed the first day!

    The list goes on and on. I haven't the time to waste commenting on
    Gates shotty work.

    MS is infamous for peddling half-baked software. XP was the exception.
    It is wonderful. MS hit a wall with Vista, a solid cement wall.

    Gates should have stuck with XP and simply added features, but the
    temptation for profit once again won out (Gates can make much more
    money with a new OS than simply improving past software).

    Keep your XP until an actual upgrade becomes available. If you've
    already took the plunge, return it. MS REFUND PHONE NUMBER:
    steve, Oct 19, 2007
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  2. Were you a Windows 9x/ME/Windows 2000 user when Windows XP first came out?
    New OS means that many hardware manufacturers (and software writers) will
    choose not to support older models (or versions) on the New OS and you will
    either buy the new version of their product too or make some other choice to
    make it work for you.
    Similar complaints have been lodged against Windows XP - when it was first
    released. Everything keeps becoming more and more 'bubbly' and
    'crayola-fied' in all OSes.
    That means you did not change things much (hardware or software), you were
    very luck and your experience is limited. Supporting thousands of Windows
    XP machines with just as many different combinations of hardware/peripherals
    and applications - Windows XP is pretty annoying at times - particularly 5+
    years ago.
    If you think Gates has much to do with the actual OS... That's funny. heh
    Many would disagree with you about XP. All of this is opinions and personal
    experience. If you talk to the right people, BeOS was the OS to end all
    Why do you keep mentioning Bill Gates personally? If only one person wrote
    the OS, I could see it - maybe - but this seems more of a personal vendetta
    on your part - and not a logical attack with research and backup ABOUT an
    Search using Google!
    (How-to: http://www.google.com/intl/en/help/basics.html )

    Everyone is welcomed to their opinion - feel free to express yours. In X
    more years, people will complain about the next OS just like they did five
    years in the past. Change sucks - especially when it is a change over which
    no one entity has complete control. Millions of hardware combinations with
    thousands of manufacturers, millions of software combinations with thousands
    of software writers - all who get to choose what they will/will not
    Shenan Stanley, Oct 19, 2007
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  3. I couldn't deploy XP sp2 for months.
    I couldn't deploy XP rtm for months until my applications came up to speed.

    BSOD's or crashes are a sign of a third party driver problem.

    And Sir, if you think you can't get apps to run, I can't get my Mac Mini
    to print on two of the three printers at the office.

    Change is hard, we don't like it. But change takes time.

    If all we had were XP features we'd be complaining that it should have
    been a service pack.

    XP wasn't wonderful when it first came out.
    XP sp2 was a brick wall when it first came out.

    We have short memories in technology, don't we?
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Oct 20, 2007
  4. steve

    steve Guest

    XP had nearly every driver when I bought it about a year after it was
    released. Vista, almost a year after it was released still struggles.
    That depends on how advanced the OS is from the last version's build.
    Prolly not 1/10th as many complaints about XP. Wait till the dust
    settles on Vista and then google "Vista Sux" and see if I'm right.
    Were there lawsuits being filed against XP like there are with Vista?
    Obviously you don't know me from adam.
    I have three separate builds of XP on a half dozen computers and all
    ran fine from day one. XP has ran smoothly for me and many others for
    years. More like XP than Vista. Just google around like I did.
    Has there ever been software that Gates made that wasn't annoying at
    No, but I don't know pedro the programmer. Who do you blame, the
    Most agree, google my friend.
    What isn't personal experience? Even "techie gurus" have to experience
    it (duh).
    Talk? I'll take personal experience over talk.
    Ok that damn MS janitor is sick.
    Yeah, a vendetta against rotten software.
    I used Vista and it failed. Nothing illogical or non researching about
    I actually USED it thoroughly inside and out. Get it? Research what?
    You are the one that lacks researching. Heard of google yet? Enter
    this into Google's search box: Vista "Class Action Lawsuit." You'll
    be enlightened.
    LMAO. You actually work for MS?! I'm reporting you to the janitor for
    ragging on XP!!
    steve, Oct 27, 2007
  5. steve

    steve Guest

    And you speak for an entire population of one. Vista is half baked. XP
    ran fine from day one. I have a good memory. But don't believe me.
    Just google: Vista "Class action lawsuit." The consensus agrees that
    Vista sucks.
    steve, Oct 27, 2007
  6. steve

    steve Guest

    You can return Vista for a full refund to the address below:

    2031 Buroughs Ave.
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    (888) 673-8624
    steve, Oct 27, 2007
  7. You obviously don't know as much as you think if you believe I work for
    Microsoft. Maybe you don't Google as much as you could.

    As far as the rest:

    - Blaming Bill Gates is still childish at best. Microsoft is a company. No
    one forced you to utilize anything they sell. You chose to get involved at
    some level - because you *could* just walk away... Microsoft and drivers -
    perhaps you do not understand reality on this one - Microsoft produces the
    OS - not the hardware. The drivers come from the hardware providers. If
    you do not have a driver for some piece of hardware - that's a new person
    (whomever is the president of the comapny when it started I guess is who you
    go for - not who is president when you are having the trouble) you have to
    blame. Utilize *nix and see if it has drivers for everything. I'm sure
    your research will discover the person to name/blame for each flavor. ;-)

    - As far as not knowing you, you are correct. But 1/2 dozen computers is
    still not much. You don't know me either.

    - If you google for XP sucks - you will find many archived messages about XP
    reflecting the same trouble(s). Some of them current. Some things don't
    work except in Vista. It is the third party manufactuyrer that gets to make
    this determination. ;-)

    - Windows Vista has not been out a year - so you buying XP a year later and
    it having 'nearly every driver' is a bunch of crud/FUD - after all -
    Microsoft does not release the drivers - that is up to the manufacturer and
    up to TODAY there are still pieces of hardware not supported by their
    manufacturer in Windows XP. Older machines/hardware are almost always left
    in the dust. Windows 95 --> Windows 98 did it. Windows 98 --> Windows XP
    did it. Windows XP --> Windows Vista did it. The difference is that as
    those have progressed - so have the number of people using computers and the
    number of people who don't even know life without a computer. More people
    will equal more complaints because that hjust increases the number of
    combinations of hardware/software they run.

    - The only way to get personal experience is communication. Just because
    your personal experience sucked doesn't mean your friends/family had the
    same experience. There are people out there who *do* disagree with you
    about XP. There are people out there who *do* disagree with you about

    - Did you try your google search? See the XP results? Heard of the EU? XP
    Sucks too. Windows 98 Sucks. *nix sucks. OS X sucks. Someone out there
    thinks so. Someone might even sue for it. Heck - some have bought coffee
    (HOT COFFEE - the default state for morning coffee) and spilled it on
    themselves and then sued (and won) against those who sold it to them for not
    warning them the coffee was hot and might burn them if it contacted the

    If you wish to go through life blaming individuals that have nothing to do
    with the problem and expressing your opinion in such a way - that's your
    choice. *shrug* It doesn't bother me at all. I just thought I would see
    if you were rational or not.
    Shenan Stanley, Oct 27, 2007
  8. steve

    steve Guest

    Pssst newsflash, MS like all major companies are highly
    departmentalized and your department is miles from the software
    department, and your lack of knowledge confirms it too. You are simply
    an annoying MR PR rep, that's it. Stop being so proud. You obviously
    don't know Vista OS like I do or you are one big liar. And this
    statement is provable simply by sampling all the thousands Vista
    complaints already logged in Google.

    If you are trying to tell me that my experience with Vista was a happy
    one, quit now. I can write a book on all the problems with Vista, 9
    months after it's release.
    No, again, "obviously" that's your problem. Class action lawsuits have
    been filed against Gates for Christ's sake. Wake up.
    Pssst. Newsflash for the MS spokeslady deparment: Gates is the CEO of
    Microsoft. Vista is a Bill Gates product whether you like it or not.
    Vista was, at minimum, okayed by Gates himself. When HIS (GATES)
    company makes a faulty product like Vista, who do you feel should take
    the heat? Is not gates ultimately responsible for who works at MS??
    Should he not oversee major end products? Of course. HE (WILLIAM GATES
    III) let this stinker loose on an unsuspecting public .. and you
    defend such pathetic business ethics is doubly pathetic. You cannot
    own up to the fact that Vista sucks. Why not admit it and say "we're
    working hard to render it." Your dishonesty or lack of knowledge
    Pssst, in order to test Vista on your PC, you have to actually go out
    and purchase it *duh*. So you're saying "don't buy anything Bill Gates
    My research has been already conducted and the jury has already made
    it's verdict:
    "Vista was released totally convoluted and unfinished."

    So stop making yourself out to be dumber than you might already be by
    backing such terrible sofware.
    Running a piece of software on Six PCs is 10000 times more revealing
    than "doing research" which is what you've suggested earlier. And why
    PRODUCT from the rest of that statement??

    Six PCs running smoothly on XP and one PC running terribly on Vista
    and class
    Never claimed I do. But I know you don't know vista or are glossing
    over all the Vista problems so many end users know about.
    Yes, many Vista complaints are VERY current and VERY valid. You're
    It's a fact. No crud. FYI, XP wasn't a giant leap from Windows 98 so
    that's why things ran rather smoothly from it's release date.
    Where did you get that nonsense from? You mean to tell me you actually
    believe that it's better not to actually experience something first
    hand, but instead to read what other's say about it?? How old are you?
    You're logic is as good as Vista, and both are from MS, isn't that a
    People who disagree that Vista sucks are as bright as yourself or lie
    as much and mean zip. Sorry, but that's the reality.
    Someone means zip. Millions means a lot. Personal experience means a
    Your logic is in a grave condition, like Vista.
    For the last time, Bill Gates has something to do with the products
    released by Microsoft until the day he quits. Sorry you lose on every
    So insulting MS clients is what Gates pays you to do? Not impressed,
    nor surprised.
    How to return MS Vista OS, send the receipt to:

    2031 Buroughs Ave.
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    (888) 673-8624

    The refund process is the only feature of Vista that actually works.
    steve, Oct 27, 2007
  9. steve

    steve Guest

    Windows Vista truly does suck hind tit, many say it's a downgrade from
    XP. I say it's a downgrade from windows 98!

    But don't take my word for it. Google around before you run out to buy
    it. Those who plug Vista are either half crazy or lie or both, because
    here's the statistical proof:

    As of today, googling "VISTA ROCKS" gets 32,800 hits.
    As of today, googling "VISTA SUCKS" gets 182,000 hits.

    So there are nearly SIX TIMES more people complaining about Vista than
    satisfied people (bear in mind that many of the "satisfied" people are
    merely pumping Vista).

    As of today, googling "VISTA ROCKS" in groups gets 116 hits.
    As of today, googling "VISTA SUCKS" in groups gets 2150 hits.

    You say more people use the term sucks than rocks? Ok, let's try this:

    As of today, googling "VISTA RULES" in groups gets 41 hits.
    As of today, googling "VISTA BLOWS" in groups gets 118 hits.
    As of today, googling "VISTA STINKS" in groups gets 128 hits.


    I tried "VISTA IS GOOD" VS "VISTA IS BAD" and there were actually more
    "VISTA IS GOOD" posters, HOWEVER, they can be snippets from unfinished
    statements. ie "Vista is good for this or that, ..."
    steve, Oct 27, 2007
  10. <snipped>
    See the entire thread forever here:

    Hint: You are a moron if you still believe I work for Microsoft.

    I have been using Vista since pre-beta.

    I am not trying to tell you *your* experience with Vista. I am telling you
    that it is unique to you (unless you over-generalize it - as just 'good' or
    'bad') and although you are welcomed to your opinion - don't think it is the
    only one out there.
    Hint: Bill Gates is *not* currently the CEO of Microsoft. I am thinking of
    rephrasing my first statement to be more certain of your ranking.

    Steve Ballmer
    Chief Executive Officer

    Bill Gates

    You still think I work for Microsoft. Microsoft and I have no direct
    relationship. I use their products, support the products (amongst others)
    in my job (which is not with Microsoft in any way) and freely give my time
    on public newsgroups such as these to help people who might be having
    trouble - when I can.

    Vista may *suck* in your opinion. That's all it is - a single opinion. I
    don't recommend it - but I say it is not ready for the business world -
    however, people buying their first computer system - no prior experience
    beyond possibly work - will likely be fine with Vista.

    I am not working hard on rendering anything to do with Vista - that is not
    my job. I support many people who use Windows workstations, I manage many
    Windows, *nix, Solaris, OSX and other types of servers. Microsoft is
    involved only in the fact that some of the OSes are Microsoft OSes.
    Otherwise - if they faded to nothing and were replaced by macs - my job
    would still be the same and I would still be happily doing what I already
    Well - maybe. You can get trial versions, try it out 'online' - get someone
    to setup a virtual machine for you to try, etc. You could even - if you are
    so inclined - download it illegally and install it. What you do is up to
    you. Ignorance of the options proves nothing but lack of research. What
    you buy should be based on your research, your trying out things online, at
    a friends house, your looking up the support for what OS you are going to
    utilize from each vendor you currently have computer products from, etc.
    Anything less is putting your full confidence and trust in someone else to
    do something *for* you.

    What's with the 'pssst stuff? Oh - you are trying to be funny. Gotcha.
    Yes - I am definitely reconsidering a rephrase of my first statement.
    Backing it? Not even close. For most people who are NOT buying a new
    computer - I recommend against Vista. For people in Business - I recommend
    against Vista. Buying a new computer - completely new everything? I have
    nothing against you getting Vista. Go for it. Especially if you are
    unfamilar with computers.

    Showing that you have only one opinion of millions - which may be, in
    general - the same as many people and different from many other people?
    Sure. You have an opinion. Way to go.
    I snipped nothing out. Gate's again. Wow. That first phrase is looking
    more and more like a certainty.

    I have had hundreds of completely identical machines running Windows XP
    smoothly before. Then one - not. Change out a memory chip and everything
    is better. I have also had to replace the OS on a much less homogeneous
    setup and some of the machines only had 128MB memory or a 500MHz CPU or an
    8MB video card or combinations of such low stats - and even with a clean
    install, Windows XP would not run as well on these older machines. Windows
    98/98SE/ME worked fine. Blame Microsoft? Blame Bill Gates? Blame Windows
    XP? I could have. Didn't - because I was trying to run something more
    advanced on something less advanced than its better working counterparts.
    Products where the manufacturer chose not to support it in XP. Etc...
    Really? I guess phonics does not teach comprehension - only how to read.

    I do not recommend Vista in most cases - there are problems with Vista. I
    do recommend Windows XP - but there are problems with Windows XP. I utilize
    and support Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, various
    flavors of *nix and Solaris daily.
    Hah. How incorrect can one person be? There are still people using Windows
    98 for the very reasons you have hinted at for Vista sucking. Driver
    support, speed of the system, issues they could not get over between their
    stuff and Windows XP. Windows 98 worked fine, still does - so they have not
    upgraded. Whole LARGE corporations still running Windows 2000... Because
    they cannot move or will not for whatever reason.

    Windows 98 and Windows XP have little to nothing in common beyond some eye
    candy. Windows XP is even based off the NT line of products - where the
    Windows 9x series died with Windows ME.
    So do millions of others (have something to do with the products and their
    success/failure from Microsoft). And how do I lose? I have nothing to
    gain/lose from this conversation. Microsoft can disappear and my life only
    changes in which products I support daily - and even then - it is more a
    shift towards one I already support and away from the MS one's as they fade

    Let me help you out with the signature I utilize here:

    I do not work for Microsoft. I could care less what happens to Microsoft.
    If you wish to continue proving the density of your skull - after this reply
    of mine - I leave you to do so alone. Know that *your* specific reasons for
    disliking Vista are your own. There may be some people out there with
    similar experiences - but I guarantee there are just as many with completely
    differing opinions/reasons for liking/disliking Vista. You are *not* the
    end-all of... likely anything.
    Shenan Stanley, Oct 27, 2007
  11. steve

    steve Guest

    How so? The mere mention of Bill Gates seems to make your mouth froth
    like a hungry dog.
    "Unique" ?

    Vista sux. End of topic.

    Are you saying Bill Gates doesn't own MS and has zero say?
    You can be funnier than that.
    No, actually I could care less. It doesn't matter. What counts is what
    you post here and most is just wrong.
    No opinions needed. Many of the problems have been clearly illustrated
    by many other end users as I've said here ad nauseum.
    VISTA SUCKS. Spit it out. Don't beat around the bush and ride the
    Rephrase all of them and stop wasting other people's time with your
    nonsense and lies.
    Identical = 1. And I believe you own 100s of PCs too.
    You make zero sense again.
    People use anything. Extremely few still use 98. Make some sense
    Obviously you don't care. That's the difference. I do care what Gates
    puts out, because I'm forced to be an end user of his OS due to his
    vast OS Monopoly.
    Bottom line Vista SUCKS and if you cannot get over that fact, I feel
    sorry for you as you struggle with it. XP runs much, much smoother and
    is much much much more of a happy experience.

    You mean:
    "I don't work for MS" MS-MVP someone with too much time.
    steve, Oct 28, 2007
  12. steve

    gilesrsmith Guest

    Apparently my product code is not valid for vista, so if i need to contact
    vista support if is going to cost me £46, even though I have a valid copy of
    vista home premium.

    Anyway, all I want to know is for every benchmark test, and just general use
    vista is around 68.5% as fast as windows xp?

    That is the average figure I have managed to achieve through several tests.
    I have been benchmarking vista against fedora 7 on hardware (aparently
    designed for vista) Intel E6850 with 8Gb DDR2 RAM. Fedora 7 completed its
    benchmarks on an average of 43.67% faster than windows vista. That is quite a
    margin! Also for anyone that is interested, Windows XP completed the same
    benchmarks 39.24% faster than vista.

    What am I supposed to conclude from this other than vista is a complete
    waste of money. On a software side, there isn't actually anything in vista
    that can't be done in windows XP or Fedora 7 as far as I can see. Well
    actually vista has some better tools for looking after your hard drive built
    in, than XP. but that appears to be it!

    Anyway. I would quite like my money back, I already have XP, and most Linux
    Flavours are free. If I wanted to pay money I would have bought a MAC...
    gilesrsmith, Oct 28, 2007
  13. steve

    steve Guest

    You mean the mighty MS team cannot even maintain a solid correct
    product code?
    Bingo. Speed is just one issue. There's dozens of other problems.
    Keep your IBM and return Vista for a full refund to the address

    2031 Buroughs Ave.
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    (888) 673-8624
    steve, Oct 28, 2007
  14. steve

    gilesrsmith Guest

    Bingo is the word!

    there is only one reason I still use windows and that is Last.fm. I have a
    love of knowing what music I playing and seeing as I just sold out Creative
    and bought an Ipod Classic instead of a Creative Zen so I can scrobble what
    I listen to through the day and at work (whilst web programming turns my
    brain to mush) .

    Another problem I am really having is gaming. I used to play Call of Duty
    constantly, (on an AMD XP 2600+ 1Gb Ram) online, whilst I was at Uni several
    years ago, with no problems at all. Playing now is really quite jumpy on what
    is meant to be a far superior system (above) how is a game that was designed
    for something around a first gen P4 or maybe even less so under performing?

    Is there something I am missing? A setting I have wrong? If I am to have any
    belief in Microsoft any more please tell me there is some magic setting I
    have just got wrong. If there is could Vista be something I was promised?
    gilesrsmith, Oct 28, 2007
  15. steve

    steve Guest

    Apples work slightly better for graphics apps than IBM such as for
    games, but don't completely write off MS. XP is still very robust and
    most apps should continue to "sync" well with XP for the next several
    years. Linux is awful at least last time I tried it. I'm holding onto
    XP until MS gets all the kinks get worked out with a future "true"
    upgrade from XP. Bearing in mind that MS took over two decades to iron
    out most of the major bugs in its OS to reach the performance status
    of XP, I don't expect a 50%+ improvement from XP anytime soon. I just
    hope individual software companies continue to integrate with XP for
    the next five to ten years.

    GL, Steve
    steve, Oct 28, 2007
  16. steve

    steve Guest

    What I've been waiting for for years is a quad, octa or hexadecimal
    computer system to be made. The binary systems have reached their
    potential and have been maxed out for years. Imagine just how much
    more superior a 16-state computer will be over the two-state systems
    of today! That day will truly be revolutionary. Things will run many
    times faster, we're not talking 100% improvement in performance, but
    10000% improvements. Such computers will also run cooler and will be
    smaller and cheaper to make.
    Optical instead of electrical computers will be amazing too. That day
    isn't all that far away.
    steve, Oct 28, 2007
  17. steve

    gilesrsmith Guest

    I guess I was hoping for too much too soon, I wanted Vista to be simply an
    advancement of XP. Just some fancy extras and some good solid perfomrance
    increases. But to be honest I can understand what MS are looking for with
    Vista. Eg the rework of the session levels, I can see they are looking for a
    far more solid base to build a new OS out of than XP started with. Don't get
    me wrong Vista has the potential to be an amazing OS and I can definately see
    some vision behind what has been released so far.

    I was just hoping that performance would be a lot better for the first
    official release of Longhorn.
    gilesrsmith, Oct 28, 2007
  18. steve

    gilesrsmith Guest

    What about going biological, uncertainly in cellular processes allow the
    potential for abstract thought within what can be classed as a "computer"
    using techniques such as polymer elongation and ligation. What about a
    processor that can think like a human?

    one word: Potential

    however I am sure this is probably far more relavent in a different thread!
    gilesrsmith, Oct 28, 2007
  19. steve

    steve Guest

    What about going biological, uncertainly in cellular processes allow the
    "Pure" artificial intelligence is too near impossible, certainly in
    our lifetime. In 2007, we cannot get a reliable OS to work, hell I've
    yet to see a printer that works 100% or an answering machine for that
    matter. Reminds me of a song by Dave Dudley:
    "It took me 16 years to buy me a good pair of cowboy
    steve, Oct 28, 2007
  20. steve

    gilesrsmith Guest

    Artificial Intelligence is still a just a very complex set of pre defined
    arguements. I am talking about a computer than can truely learn. Yeah on a
    commercial scale I would be extremely surpised if we saw anything close in
    our lifetime. Especially at the current rate of hardware development agains't
    hardware innovation. We are certainly stuck in a rut where it is cheaper to
    just keep trying to jam as many predefined arguements into a clock cycle as
    possible than to really rethink the whole "computer" process (please excuse
    my quotes but I use the word computer quite loosely)
    gilesrsmith, Oct 28, 2007
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