OT: I just bought a Core 2 Duo Apple Mac Mini Computer.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by kevpan815, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. The fact is, Vist Release Candidate 1 installs just fine on an Intel
    Mac. I installed it last night with little trouble.

    It is no longer necessary to delete the Apple EFI partition. However,
    it is not possible to install it using Boot Camp Assistant normally.

    MAKE SURE BCA has been upgraded to 1.1.

    Create the Windows driver disk as directed by BCA.
    Use BCA to resize your Mac partition as you normally would, allowing a
    minimum of 20GB for the Windows Partition.

    One must insert the Vista RC1 disk in the DVD drive when BCA tellls
    you to insert an XP disk.

    At this point, BCA will give an error and tell you to insert a Windows
    XP w/SPs disk. Simply close down BCA and restart your Mac, and choose
    the Windows volume when rebooting (after holding down "C" or the Apple
    Remote Menu button at first sign of the Apple Boot screen.)

    The Vista installer will begin. It is not necessary to delete the EFI
    (the 200MB partition) to finish installation, as it used to be.

    Well, if the shoe fits, wear it, no matter how much "experience"s you

    If you had been able to humble yourself, and read my instruction, you
    would also be able to install Vista with little trouble.


    Donald McDaniel
    Donald L McDaniel, Sep 9, 2006
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  2. kevpan815

    deebs Guest

    Donald, what are the performances like?

    Any losses?
    deebs, Sep 9, 2006
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  3. RC1 runs much smoother (and faster) than Beta 2 did. However, it
    still has a few bugs. In addition, the installer has lost about 1GB.
    The RC1 ISO was only 2.8gb

    I noticed no loss in performance while running Vista RC1. In fact,
    the Vista performance tool showed my Intel iMac with an overall score
    of 3 while running Vista Beta 2. Under Vista RC1, the overall score
    was 4, with several of the factors running over 5. I was easily able
    to run Vista Ultimate on my Intel iMac 17" (1.83ghz Dual-Core
    processor), w/2gb memory). It's possible that part of the improvement
    in speed was due to my replacing the 160GB SATA-1 HD with a 300GB
    SATA-2 HD.)

    There were still a few crashes (though not BSODS, just minor software

    In addition, there is no Apple driver for either the iSight camera or
    the Apple Keyboard USB keyboard keys such as <Eject> (while the basic
    keys work ok) under Vista RC1, while both drivers are installed for

    In addition, the Windows drivers disk which BootCamp Assistant creates
    is only partially installable under Vista RC2. The installer quit
    with an error while installing the ATI driver, so you will have to
    download the ATI Mobility X1600 Vista RC1 driver from ATI's website
    and install it (if your machine is an Intel iMac or an Intel MacBook,
    MacMini, or MacBook Pro) . The same thing happened under Vista Beta
    2. The Sigmatel Sound driver and software did get installed, and
    Apple Bluetooth got installed. Nothing else was installed, however.

    By the way, XP (or Vista RC1) running on an Intel iMac is just as
    fast, or faster, then XP running on an equally-configured Wintel


    Please reply to the original thread
    Donald L McDaniel, Sep 9, 2006
  4. kevpan815

    Joe Ogiba Guest

    BS, Apple does not sell Core 2 Duo Mac Mini's.
    Joe Ogiba, Sep 23, 2006
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